Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

When I applied to Corkscrew Kickstart Program I was hoping to be able to launch a business one day. To me it was a very good opportunity to stimulate my ideas and myself and to give me all the keys to create a business. Corkscrew Kickstart Program has definitely helped me grow amazingly over the four weeks. For sure I will never forget such an amazing experience.

Through the program you develop your network. I met new people who are now in my heart and none of them is from my country, they are from all over Europe and it’s so interesting to build new connections with somebody, who has completely different background and was raised in totally different culture. Moreover the mentors support you all the time and are real guides to build your own business idea and develop your skills.

At the end of this program I am definitely more confident about my business skills, my business idea, my English communication and myself. More than ever I am motivated to launch the business idea which I built with mentors. If somebody asks me how you can describe your experience in one word, it would be captivating. Captivating as an enjoyable movie with the words at the end: “To be continued…”, because nothing for sure, it depends on me to exploit what was accomplished.

To sum up, Corkscrew Kisckstart Program provides a unique and intense experience (both theoretical and practical) full of good advices and where we develop professional and human skills. If you are highly motivated, curious and open for everything new people will be able to enjoy their time in other country and if you are ready to develop your taste of challenge – use Corkscrew Kickstart Program. I can’t thank mentors (Neil and Tom), participants and people I met during these four weeks enough for giving me the opportunity to live this amazing experience.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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