3 years running

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

My wife and I are huge fans of the Intercultura program. One or both of our daughters have gone for the last 3 years. Our second started at 13 years old. (They are now in 10th and 12th grades).

Both girls loved the program. They made a lot of friends, participated in lots of fun activities, and learned a huge amount of Spanish. Each daughter has been taking honors or AP spanish in school since and has done exceedingly well -- which I attribute in no small part to their Intercultura experiences.

I have not been to the Heredia campus, but am very familiar with the Samara campus. My wife and I own a condo in a nearby town, and I have gone to the Intercultura program myself in a midlife quest to learn espanol. The Samara school is literally right on the beach, and the people who run it are wonderful with the teens -- caring and watchful without being overbearing. While our girls are at the Intercultura and we are back home in Atlanta, my wife and I are very comfortable with them being at the school and walking around the town of Samara. There is easy internet and phone access, so they can reach us anytime.

As an aside, several children of friends, as well as one adult friend, have gone to the Intercultura on our recommendation. To the person, each has been very pleased.

As for suggestions, I would consider sending your daughter for more than two weeks, if feasible and if she wants to go. Due to other summer commitments, ours girls have only done the two-week stints supplemented by third weeks of family vacations in Costa Rica. Kids who stay at the program longer seem to learn that much more espanol while continuing to have a good time. (Actually, come to think of it, our older daughter may have done 3 weeks two summers ago.)

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