Life Changing

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I came to Emerging Voices wanting to help and make a difference and I feel like the program, the coordinators, children, community and adults you work with have impacted me so much more than I ever thought possible. The coordinator, Monica and her assistant Beto were knowledgeable, helpful, supporting and encouraging. I could not have imagined a better team to organize and assist with the volunteers. The various projects had variety and some had instant gratification of the work you accomplished and others were slower to show but still just as amazing to see. Working with the kids at the Nelson Mandela project was the one I dedicated the majority of my time volunteering with. A typical day at this project included childcare in the morning, we taught various skills or concepts such as telling time in english. Working with the local schools' gym class teaching, practicing and playing volleyball and teaching the advanced english class in the afternoon. One of my highlights from the trip was spending the hundreds of dollars my community back home in Canada donated to this program. The coordinators were more than helpful with this, helping me figure out the best uses for the money. It was one of the most amazing opportunities I've gotten to do- for the soccer team at Nelson Mandela we purchased new soccer uniforms, balls, and other equipment to allow the kids to play in tournaments against local teams. We bought the girls volleyball team a new volleyball to practice with. At the project Marea, an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre for youth, the money went towards fixing their old basketball court so it was useable and gave them two new basketballs, and a soccer ball. Seeing the kids, from each of the projects playing with the new sporting equipment was indescribable, I was without words and my heart felt full. The only difficulty I encountered was leaving; I wish I would have signed up for a longer period of time to stay in Cartagena and volunteer with Emerging Voices. I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would