CORKSCREW for everyone !

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

For whatever reasons, you chose to go abroad, Corkscrew is literally an experience that broadens your horizon. I myself didn’t know what to expect seeing that big overwhelming mind-map at the office wall that really is Corkscrew after all. Moreover I haven't dealt with the topic of social entrepreneurship so far.

But as a naturally open-minded person, I used my recipe to expect nothing and to be by far surprised (in a good way) what Corkscrew had in store for me. It was definitely a personal gain meeting those great people from different countries and work/learn with them in a foreign environment. A propos environment: You don’t find a classic seminar room where you’ll listen to theory and facts as at school. That's because everybody knows - most brilliant ideas are created in garages or while sleeping rather than at a desk, aren’t they? That’s why Corkscrew uses office space where other entrepreneurs work on real life projects and businesses ideas next door. This environment is perfect for creativity and at the same time essential for the development of your own business ideas. Don't be afraid to share your new business idea with others, to look out for role models or for expertise before you jump into shark pool yourself. That comes with the term "feasibilty or stress test" of your idea.

And nowhere else I did find such excellent tutors. With the commitment of Derv, Tom & Neil you have tutors that support you in every way. I don’t know if they see themselves like that but they actually make learning fun ! And that is what counts for an unforgettable experience abroad. Four weeks were stuffed full with exercises so that they went by very quickly. At the end you don’t want to leave Exeter. But all good things end sometime. However, Corkscrew will last forever in your memories or leaves traces on the internet (e.g. as a follower on facebook).

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