The Summer That Changed Me

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

When you think about going to Australia or Fiji to be educated and make memories its safe to say that many people would jump at a the opportunity. I wasn't one of those people, I had been worried and consumed by fear that I would miss out on things a home. When I had finally convinced my self to take this journey it was an anxiety filled time for me but all that went away the moment I stepped foot into the Sheraton the day of our departure. The strangers in that room would later become people that I would come to admire and love. We all had an effect on one another, and had absorbed certain traits from each person. To this day I can hear my self talking like one of my friends on the trip and think 'thats something jess would say.' The memories I've made throughout that trip were all part of a milestone in my life, one that helped me grow and mature into a better student and a better person. This trip is difficult to explain, and in all honesty why would would you want to hear my stories when you could have some of your own? I would recommend this trip in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to explore their education, the world and themselves because a trip like this really can change you just as it has changed me.

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