I couldn’t recommend Absolute more! Brilliant program!

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

The two months this summer that I have spent in Hong Kong was amazing, it’s an experience that I will quite frankly never forget! I was able to learn and grow so much both personally and professionally. I’m incredibly thankful to the lovely Absolute Team for being so caring, kind and helpful. Aurélie, Nicole and Thomas were there for me all the time.

Absolute did their best to match me with an internship that corresponded to my background and interest which was great and I ended up interning for a massive digital marketing agency. I learned a lot from my managers who were from Singapore and the US. I also had colleagues who were Hong Kong locals which was great too from a cultural exchange aspect.

The housing was excellently located in the city center of Hong Kong, clean and nearby a subway station. The social aspect of the program was one of my absolute favourites – you meet so many people that take part of Absolute, it’s such a brilliant program. We were 50 students in my group and had students from all around the world. The Absolute staff did a fantastic job with organizing the events.

I loved every minute of my summer in Hong Kong and I highly recommend Absolute to anyone who is thinking about traveling to Asia for an internship over the summer.

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Yes, I would
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