Tanzanian adventure of a lifetime!

Impact: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Value: 10
Safety: 9

I absolutely loved my six weeks in Arusha, Tanzania. Its so diverse here, you really have the opportunity to get amongst it all. I spent a lot of time with the children doing all sorts of things, like playing games, teaching english in the school etc however there was more then enough opportunities to get involved with things that keep the orphanage running. I spent time cleaning, lugging water and dirt, serving the children for lunch and occasionally dinner, gardening and basically anything that needed to be done. Be prepared to get dirty because a lot of what needs to be done is on the ground like laundry and dishes etc. I have to admit none of that matters because it is so easily adaptable at Matanyok. The Mumma and Pappa of the orphanage were amazing and really made me feel like one of there own daughters. They often would invite me around for dinner with them and the children "now thats a crazy process, feeding all their little mouths". I absolutely fell in love with the children of course, at first they are a little shy but once they learn your name and see you more then once they are also in love. The joy you get from telling them stories and playing activities will give you life long fulfillment and only inspire you to carry on your journey and continue to volunteer. I look forward to the next time I am back to see how much has grown and changed.

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