Events in Shanghai.

Growth: 8
Support: 5
Fun: 7
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

Dear all,

My internship at The Good Agency Asia consisted of marketing and event management. As a consequence, I took part in lots of events in Shanghai. I went to a pool party with my boss and the members of a financial company we worked for. We were in a house with a swimming pool and a barbecue and there we drank tequila, we ate hamburgers and we sang karaoke. Then I took part in two press conferences about two NGOs my company worked for: I had to be elegant, with a black dress, I took pictures, I helped my boss in the organization of the location and I met and spoke with a lot of important Shanghai's people. Another event I organized and I took part in consisted in the promotion of an NGO for which my collegue and me had to collect funds. The promotion was divided in two Saturdays: the first Saturday we worked 14 hours because we were at the so-called "Spotlight rythm and trend festival" which lasted untill 2am; the second Saturday we were at Mayita, a Mexican Restaurant on a rooftop in Shanghai, where we had fun, we drank beer and we met new people. Finally, we organized a private dinner to promote a brand company. This event was in our office: there was a barman, sushi, a photographer with a Polaroid and a deejay. In addition, for this company I worked as a model, so a photographer took pictures of me while wearing their bags.

These are few stories about my months in Shanghai, but they are enough to understand that I worked a lot and I had fun at the same time.


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