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If you want a life changing experience, then you have come to the right place. My trip to Africa encompasses so many positive experiences. Since returning from my trip, well over a year ago, I still reflect on my time their and share my experiences frequently.

The bulk of this trip helped introduce me to humility and the importance of it. Building a school with my own to hands and seeing the genuine gratitude from the community ensured my efforts were worth every bead of sweat. Helping the Mama's by carrying Jerry-cans of water on your back, signified how privileged of a society our home in Canada is. Visiting the Mwangaza Hospital showed how fortunate we are to have health care and resources readily available upon request.

Forever the aspect that will stand out to me it the sense of community. Africa has a huge heart, constantly welcoming others, in order to allow them experience just a taste of its lively spirit. The community members we never shy to engage with us, and were always excited to share a piece of their world with us. In Africa, it does matter how much you make, or the materials you have, just that you support and care for others.

The programming helps individuals develop and establish different leadership skills, perspectives and social justice attitudes. It open up your mind to really show you, that no matter how small you might seem, you have the power to make a big change. It helps you create action plans, so you can focus your zest to change the world, because after all "Rome wasn't built in a day".

My MetoWe experience started when I was quiet young, and I do not intend to leave the family... not now... not ever...I encourage my peers on a daily basis to witness first hand the change MetoWe can foster in a person. Go, be the change you wish to see in the world.

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