My beautiful experience in Vancouver

Academics: 7
Support: 9
Fun: 6
Housing: 8
Safety: 9

I am Silvia from Mexico and I spent 6 months in Vancouver, Canada during my program Business Essentials with Stepwest. Everyone says that studying abroad is life-changing, and I’m here to confirm that that is totally true.
I learned so much about international marketing through my classes and my work experience in Vancouver. I was fortunate enough to start to work right after I got settled in Canada where I meet a lot of people. Vancouver is a global city, with so much to see and do, so I was always learning every step of the way. During my time in Vancouver at a Canadian College, I had the opportunity to meet also a lot of great classmates, with whom I did good friendships!! My friends are now all over the world!
The good thing about the classes is that it was way different than only english classes, we needed to do a lot of presentations, talking in public, working on our speech and how to communicate better in english. This experience made me feel way more comfortable with the language and since you have to talk the whole day, you start to know people since day one. It was way more than just going to class, listen to the teacher and leave, we all were almost teachers for a while. Everyone was there with one goal, and I can say I'm a different person now and I feel more confident!
Stepwest helped me during my whole process for me to go to Canada , since my agency put me in touch with them, I was always in touch with Carolina. Being always in contact with the same person was great, because by the time I arrived to Canada, I felt I already knew someone in Canada! I felt they cared about me, not only before arriving but during my whole stay in Canada. Now I am back to Mexico, missing Canada a lot, and I am still in contact with Stepwest. I am glad I chose my study and work experience in Canada with them.

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