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Oct 22, 2018
Apr 05, 2012
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Looking to study abroad in one of the most populous and exciting cities in the world? Then the University of Hong Kong (HKU) might just be the perfect fit for you! Students at a university with an exchange agreement can attend HKU as an exchange student, dealing with their home institution for things like tuition fees and course selections. For those wishing to attend HKU without an exchange agreement, they can do so as a visiting student. This requires all payments and specifics to be worked out with HKU, but for some, if not many, this may be a cheaper alternative than would be expected! Classes are available in a number of fields, including Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) language, literature, history and culture, as well as social sciences, European studies, American Studies, Asian studies, international business, and more. Check out all of the information on the HKU website today!

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The University of Hong Kong Experience

Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My overall experience in Hong Kong was amazing! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet so many great people while studying in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Out of all the universities in Hong Kong, HKU is definitely the best choice if you want the best of both the social and academic world. Academically speaking, HKU is a very highly-ranked university. The professors are very intelligent and discussions are never short of interesting. During my semester at HKU, I took Hong Kong Popular Culture, History of Food Culture, Sociology of Punishment and Life and Buddhism. The courses offered were diverse and much more unique than any courses provided at my home university. It is pretty apparent that the student culture in Hong Kong is different from that of America, but locals, nevertheless, are really nice and always open to learning more about foreign cultures. I would say the support staff at HKU was pretty adequate. It did take a while for the staff to answer emails so I would suggest seeing them in person for a quicker response.

Although the residence hall that I stayed in, Patrick Manson, was not in walking distance to the university (about a 45 minute walk), transportation was easily accessible. The transportation system in Hong Kong makes traveling around Hong Kong cheap and easy.

Food on campus was mediocre but there were many restaurants nearby. Hong Kong is a mecca of food I guarantee you will never go hungry. There is always a variety of foods in Hong Kong, no matter where you are. Not only is the food cheap, it is also delicious.

Hong Kong is a city that you have to experience at least once in your life. From high-end shopping to bargain shopping, outdoor activities such as kayaking and surfing, and afternoon brunch at the Ritz-Carlton to 3 AM dimsum, Hong Kong is host to a plethora of activities suitable for anyone. More activities include Happy Valley Racecourse, clubbing in Lan Kwai Fong, hiking in Sai Kung, and staying overnight and stargazing on a beautiful beach in the New Territories. In addition, must-see attractions include the Big Buddha, Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, and many more. From morning to night, there is always something to keep you busy. If you aren’t in-class, I guarantee you will be out exploring everything Hong Kong has to offer!

Because Hong Kong is in such a central location in Asia, I had the opportunity to travel to many places. Traveling to countries in Asia was relatively cheap and very convenient. To travel to countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea, and the Philippines made the experience that much better.

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