Multiple Locations +16
  • Jordan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Greece
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
    • Amsterdam
  • Portugal
    • Lisbon
  • Spain
    • Barcelona
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
    • Accra
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
    • Casablanca
  • South Africa
    • Cape Town
  • India
    • Kochi
  • Malaysia
    • Kuala Lumpur
  • Vietnam
    • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Thailand
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Program Details

Program Type
Colorado State University
Degree Level


Starting Price
Price Details
Our program fees include up to 15 academic credits, housing, buffet style meals, travel health insurance, one in-port field class for each course, and a full-time shipboard residential and student services team. We have need and merit based grants, student assistant positions, service and journalism fellowships, and more financial aid awards available. About 60% of voyagers receive some type of financial aid!
What's Included
Accommodation Some Activities Classes Meals Travel Insurance Wifi
What's Included (Extra)

-Up to 15 college credits
-Academic Field Classes
-Email account
-Comprehensive travel health insurance

What's Not Included
Some Accommodation Some Activities Airfare Visa
What's Not Included (Extra)

-Overnight stay prior to embarkation
-Any appropriate vaccinations and boosters
-Between-meal food & beverages while onboard
-SAS Field Programs and personal travel in-country
-Fuel surcharge (if applicable)

May 12, 2023
Nov 27, 2022
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About Program

Semester at Sea is a unique opportunity to travel around the world with a cruise ship as your campus and an ever-changing scenery as your view. On board the MV World Odyssey, our seven deck, 590-foot ship, you will have the opportunity to select from 70-72 courses across a wide range of disciplines. In one semester, you will get exposure to 10+ countries across multiple continents, earn 12-15 credits from Colorado State University, and transit over 20,000 nautical miles.

Go to class while sailing the sea, watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean or stare up at the Mediterranean stars. Whether in class, studying, or engaging in shipboard activities, you’re always a few steps away from friends, the ocean and a global perspective.

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Program Highlights

  • Earn 12-15 academic credits from Colorado State University
  • Explore 10+ countries around the world
  • Maximize your time in-country through Field Programs

Popular Programs

Fall 2023 Voyage Map

Embark: September 9, Antwerp, Belgium
Disembark: Dec 22, Bangkok, Thailand
Itinerary: Morocco, Malta, Spain, Greece, Suez Canal Transit, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Vietnam

Spring 2024 Voyage Map

Embark: Jan 5, Bangkok, Thailand
Disembark: Apr 20, Bremerhaven, Germany
Itinerary: Malaysia, India, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Portugal

Fall 2024 Voyage Map

Embark: September 9, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Disembark: Dec 22, Bangkok, Thailand
Itinerary: Morocco, Croatia, Suez Canal Transit, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong

Spring 2025 Voyage Map

Embark: Jan 5, Bangkok, Thailand
Disembark: Apr 20, Bremerhaven, Germany
Itinerary: Malaysia, India, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Portugal


Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea Scholarships & Financial Aid

Each semester, ISE and SAS offer scholarships, need-based grants, and merit grants to make it possible for more students to set sail and join our living and learning community. An average of 60% of voyagers receive some form of aid and scholarships each voyage. Even students who don't receive financial aid at their home colleges or universities may qualify for funding assistance through Semester at Sea. In addition, many students can apply the aid they receive from their home institution to Semester at Sea.

$500 - $10,000

Program Reviews

4.93 Rating
based on 158 reviews
  • 5 rating 93.67%
  • 4 rating 5.7%
  • 3 rating 0.63%
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  • Academics 4.15
  • Support 4.75
  • Fun 4.75
  • Housing 4.85
  • Safety 4.8
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Yes, I recommend this program

World Campus Afloat / Semester at Sea

I was a student aboard the old World Campus Afloat program Spring 1975 voyage prior to the renaming to Semester at Sea. SP75 traveled east from Florida and ended in Los Angeles after voyaging for about 25,500 miles, for 107 days and visiting 13 different counties and stopping in 13 different ports. I had one outstanding professor, two very good professors and one who should have never been teaching. Overall, the academics, environment and experience were top notch with the one exception. Accommodations aboard the Ship were not much different than living in the Dorms. As we all learned during the 1st week aboard, tolerance, respect and patience for your fellow shipmates or you didn't survive.

After being off the ship and completing the experience 47 years ago, the experience of this semester still remains a life changing event. It indirectly changed my path for employment, it certainly changed my perspective on how the rest of the world views America and Americans, and it allowed me to view America from the outside looking in with hopes and intent of making America and the World a little better. And I am still in touch / communicate with fellow students from SP75.

  • Academics
  • Multi-cultural exposures
  • Life Changing Experience
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best cultural and educational experience of my life!

Taking college courses on a ship was unlike any experience I've had and taught me how to be a global citizen.
During my time on Semester at Sea, we traveled to 13 countries and experienced 13 different cultures. During in-country days I participated in organized field classes that allowed me to apply concepts from my courses to actual interactions with local experts and organizations. The information I learned during these in-country experiences will forever have an impact on me and my learning.
Voyage 129 taught me how to be flexible, open-minded, resilient, and globally aware. I am grateful to have been a part of an incredible program and I recommend it to any college student!

  • Multiple countries visited
  • Ship life is the best
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • N/A
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Voyage of Discovery

Semester at Sea had a profound impact on my life. By the time I boarded the MV Explorer, I had been to 15 countries and participated in three study abroad programs, but SAS impressed an intrepid traveler like me. Few programs can compare with SAS: a dozen or so ports of call, 100+ days of sailing and exploring the world, a multitude of classes in a variety of subject areas, a floating campus complete with extracurricular activities, and a global community like no other. While the price is steep, this is an investment in your future that you can't afford to skip. For some, the cost is comparable and, in some cases, less than a semester at some colleges. For others, scholarships, financial aid, and careful budgeting may help as they did for me. It may have taken me a decade to pay off my SAS student loan, but the memories, knowledge, perspective, and friendships I gained are priceless.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
The most surprising thing is that we left India on the day the US initiated war with Iraq. Our departure from India was the beginning of 14 days at sea with no clear destination due to the spread of SARS. We ultimately skipped Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia and added an extra stop in Japan and Seward, Alaska instead. Taking a helicopter ride to hike on a remote glacier was a highlight for me! No matter what is happening in the world, SAS is able to pivot and plan voyages that are safe, responsible, and fun!
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Yes, I recommend this program

The journey is the destination

In 2016, I took the journey of a lifetime. I was able to visit 12 countries and 26 different cities that all made a lasting impact on my education and future endeavors.

If you want to go on a multi-country study abroad program, I highly recommend you take the opportunity and sign up for a semester at sea right now. This 106-day voyage around the world will allow you to discover the history of each location your visit, dive deep into their rich cultures, and expand your knowledge of the world around you. You truly become a traveler and not a tourist.

I will cherish my memories and friendship for the rest of my life. This is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you WON'T regret it.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
Deciding to take the leap and travel independently to join Semester at sea. I was so nervous and didn't know anyone, but the reward was worth the fear! I wouldn't change it for the world!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Semester at Sea Spring 2010 Voyage

Interesting program model and well-facilitated! Such a unique academic experience to learn about a place in your courses then to arrive there by ship to experience it first-hand. Since time at port can vary from a couple days to a week in each country, one must be intentional about how to spend the time. Shipboard community was strong and the alumni community continues to be too.

This was a fun and enriching journey but if you're looking for an immersive cultural experience, it's not what I would recommend.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
This program is fast-paced with a packed travel and educational schedule. It can be tempting to fill port time with an equally intense itinerary. Don't feel pressure to do everything in the tour book! Take time to rest and to be present with the experience and the host cultures.
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Yes, I recommend this program

17 years later...totally transformed my trajectory

As the Director of Global Routes, an innovative high school and college abroad program in it's own right, facilitating profound international experiences, I can honestly say I would not be here without my own transformative experience on Semester at Sea. I can not say enough.

In 2002, I walked onto a ship in Vancouver as a typical fun-loving college boy, and stepped off in Florida, 100 days later with a deep understanding of empathy, compassion, global issues, and my role in the world. I went on to pursue a career as a global educator,

The faculty were outstanding. The community was extraordinary, and the fine level of support and freedom in-port was out of this world. If you're reading this, and considering a semester in England, or Spain, or France, or New Zealand, change your plans and jump on board SAS for a rich tapestry experience that will forever alter your perspective of the world and your place in it.

What would you improve about this program?
Not a single thing! The journey is the destination.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Once in a Lifetime

As soon as I heard of Semester at Sea, I knew it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. My voyage had the opportunity to visit 11 countries while taking classes on the MV World Odyssey; who else can say they have done that? There was lots of work leading up to it, and of course I had my doubts that it would live up to my dreams. But it did that and more! The community on the ship is one that you cannot experience with any other program. This is absolutely the best way for college students to study abroad.
My advice to anyone considering Semester at Sea: DO IT. Do not think too much about it, just go and everything will work itself out, and most importantly: you will have the trip of a lifetime.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Transformational, Life-Changing Experience

Semester at Sea takes you to 11 countries and 4 continents, giving cultural immersion, a new global perspective, and a truly global comparative experience. For me, it was absolutely life changing. I learned more in one semester about myself and the world than I ever had in my life. It is true hands-on, experience-based learning. It isn't simply studying from a textbook and then forgetting everything a month later. All my SAS experiences will stay with me forever.

SAS taught me that there is so much that we don't know about the world. There is so much left to learn. Other study abroad programs make you come home and say "that was fun," but Semester at Sea makes you say "What's next? How can I change the world for the better?" You truly leave inspired.

If you are looking for a study abroad program to challenge your views and expose you to the unknown, do Semester at Sea. Learn what the US education system doesn’t teach us. See the things the US media doesn't report on. Do rather than just see. Connect with the cultures you interact with across the globe and begin to understand how we fit into this large world.

My hope is that more students will look into Semester at Sea. For me, I decided to seize the opportunity, knowing once I graduate and begin work, I may not have this opportunity again. A lot of people’s dreams to see the world, and Semester at Sea makes it possible.

What would you improve about this program?
Having more time on land versus at sea.
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Questions & Answers

No, we only offer undergraduate courses.

There is no age requirement, but you must have graduated from high school in order to participate.

Yes!! Just be aware the cost is in American Dollars so be aware of your countries conversion rate as it can be pricey!

As long as you were enrolled as a full-time student the semester immediately before your voyage, and you have proof of admission to the university you are transferring to (such as an admission letter) after your voyage, then you should be all set!