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IPSL’s Language program in either Cannes or Lyon, France offers participants an opportunity to study language as intensely or casually as you like. This program is completely customizable, which means that you determine how many weeks you want to stay (or study online) and whether or not you receive university credit, among other customizable aspects. The courses can be credit-bearing (students can earn approximately 1 credit per week in language instruction). Please contact IPSL to set up a time to discuss your interests and goals and they will advise you on creating a program that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

IPSL specializes in volunteer-based study abroad programming. All programs are credit-bearing and will provide an official transcript upon completion of the program. On average, 15 HOURS per week will be spent volunteering in addition to 6-21 semester credits worth of course work. Our programs are small cohorts of dedicated, service-minded students who that receive individualized attention from our staff.
  • IPSL programs focus on experiential learning, ethical service & engaged research.
  • Living, learning and serving beside the French allows a richer, more meaningful experience.
  • IPSL, the founder of Service-Learning, is a global education institute within the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM.edu). They invest over 83% of their revenues directly back into the communities where they serve.
  • Indulge in the French language, culture and cuisine!
IPSL is a registered Social Benefit Organization that is committed to its mission and dedicated to promoting an ethic of service. We invest over 83% of our revenues directly back into the communities where we serve.

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