Amizade Service Learning Program in the Caribbean
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Amizade Service Learning Program in the Caribbean

Nothing sounds better than a Spring Break spent lounging on a Jamaican beach… except for the incredible opportunity to also teach children and learn about the nation’s various development efforts! Amizade’s Community Development in the Caribbean program is geared towards those who want to enjoy the rich, welcoming island culture through volunteering with a variety of approved projects.

Students will be housed with a Jamaican family, provided three meals a day, and taken on various field trips, but the true value of this Spring Break lies in the international development knowledge gained.

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19 years old
Gainesville, Florida
University of Florida

Petersfield Jamacia Hillel Trip


I had a wonderful time on this trip. Much of this was due to the arrangement we had to live in the homes of people who live in Petersfield. There we ate dinner with our host family, shared stories, opinions, and goals, and really formed a bond with each other. I also enjoyed playing tourist meaning going shopping, going to the beach, and going cliff jumping (I only jumped 10 feet but you can jump 85 feet. Be warned, jumping from 85 feet can hurt as it did some of my fellow volunteers) at one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The actual volunteering was much less underwhelming, though it was fun to have direct contact with local kids who we raced with and talked to. We help to run a local sports competition that everyone from the school participated in and we helped clean up a park for a wedding which we were invited to. We always seemed to have more time then things to do (this is part of being in Jamacia. I recommend always have cards or a Frisbee). Overall the trip was amazing I don't regret for an instant going on it for my spring break.

How can this program be improved?

More formal interaction with local children. Less time allocated to each activity.

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24 years old
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Volunteer in Petersfield, Jamaica


Our whole experience was absolutely wonderful. Each day was a new adventure- starting out with the delicious breakfasts prepared for us by our host families. Then we would go to the park to help clean it, and we even had time for many recreational activities- such as jumping off 20ft cliffs at Rick's Cafe! In the evenings, usually we went to the AOC to help with the students of the computer class- all of whom were going to graduate by week's end. We were totally emerged in another culture- and every part of our experience was memorable. There was almost nothing I would change about our experience and I highly recommend if people get the opportunity, to try something like this.

About The Provider


Amizade Global Service-Learning has been empowering individuals and communities since 1994 through worldwide service learning projects. Amizade volunteers have served in 11 countries in 5 continents with 13 partnerships. Since its founding, Amizade has send over 6,000 individuals on projects overseas.

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