The Ethnic Fashion Course

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Artisans in Cusco
Artisans in Cusco
Artisans in Cusco
Artisans in Cusco
Textiles from Cusco
Textiles from Cusco
The Place
The Place
The Ethnic Fashion Course
The Ethnic Fashion Course


This course has a theoretical-practical nature. In this course you will learn about Peruvian prehispanic textiles and a technique turned into a work of art that made it possible for ancient weavers to reflect, with great experience, their life and the environment in their textiles.

This process is enriched with a variety of colors, dyeing and weaving techniques, different applications and the use of the best fibers from animals. It is essential to understand this type of art inherited from the ancient Peruvians and that is currently reproduced by local artisans and weavers, in order to create innovative designs, thus providing our students with a memorable experience along with educators with a high level of knowledge of this techniques.

  • Direct learning from artisans about their art
  • Cultural program with final deliverables: e.g. a Scarf
  • Space develop in our school in the sacred valley - a space for disconnection and relaxation
  • Final Certification by Chio Lecca Corporation with the duration of the experience
  • Visit to archaeological places with great historic richness

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Yes, I recommend this program

One relaxing experience in the sacred valley

The experience we had in Cusco was incredible, we shared with Artisans from the communities and got to see beautiful landscapes and also we had massages at the Creativity Lodge, I recommend this experience if you are looking for a place to disconnect yourself and to really forget any stress, learning knitting and dyeing processes with Artisans and visiting incredible places such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo and of course Machu Picchu. The experience in general and the personnel were totally incredible, I enjoyed Cusco a lot.

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe include more touristic visits to different places in the region