Diploma of Spanish Language, Culture and Civilization (DiLe)

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At the Autonomous University in Madrid (UAM) you have the best of both worlds: you can take courses that were especially designed for incoming international students and you can direct enroll in a vast number of undergraduate courses offered at the UAM. You can earn a Diploma of Spanish Language, Culture and Civilization (DiLe) after 2 semesters of study, taking a mandatory course on Spanish oral and written communication and 3 elective courses on Spanish literature, culture, politics and/or history. Up to two of your electives can be thru direct enrollment.

You can choose to live in a Spanish university dormitory or share an apartment with local students. We can also assist you in finding a home-stay. The beautiful green and open campus of the UAM is only a short commuter train-ride away from the heart of Madrid (Sol). As a student at the UAM you will have access to libraries, sports facilities, subsidized cafeterias as well as all academic and non-academic special events.

  • Spanish Laguage
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Madrid City
  • 30 ECTS per semester
  • On the budget!

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I highly recommend the DiLe Program for students looking to improve Spanish skills

I was a student of DiLe for the Fall semester of 2016, and I highly recommend this program to any student who is looking to improve their Spanish language skills as well as learn about the culture and history of Spain. The DiLe program offers a variety of classes of several levels, and the professors adapt their teaching methods to the language skills of each student. Through the language and literature classes, I improved my Spanish reading, writing, and speaking skills, and through the economics, culture, and politics classes, I learned about how Spain has changed throughout history. The knowledge I gained through the DiLe classes was applicable to my everyday life in Madrid, and I believe that through the program, I gained a comprehensive understanding of Spanish culture.
Additionally, I had extraordinary professors in DiLe, and their dedication and passion for teaching made my semester in Spain unforgettable. Not only did they take the time to get to know the students in the classroom, but they also brought students on various cultural outings in Madrid and Toledo so that they could learn more about these wonderful cities. Moreover, DiLe welcomes students from all over the world, and I really enjoyed being in classes with peers with different nationalities, interests, and experiences.
Furthermore, the DiLe program coordinator, Anjouli, was extremely kind in explaining the program and helping me adjust to the Spanish university system. She immediately answered all of my questions and made the transition to studying in Madrid extremely smooth and stress-free.
Overall, I can only highly recommend the DiLe program for its structure, classes, professors, and students. I strongly believe that any student who wishes to learn about Spain and the Spanish language will highly benefit from participating in this program.

Yes, I recommend this program

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