One of the world’s top destinations to study abroad, Spain will capture your imagination for a semester -- or a lifetime.

Gently rustling palm trees, intricately carved stone, and extraterrestrial modern art. Which country has all this -- and more? Spain, cultural destination for students and travelers for decades.

If you’re considering where to study abroad, join the ranks of famous Spaniard explorers like Cortez, Ponce de Leon, and Pizarro. Become a modern day Spanish adventurer: bounce from museums to cathedrals to castles to the tune of a flamenco guitar as you are bedazzled by this country's diversity.

Cost to Study Abroad in Spain

The average tuition for direct enrollment to study abroad in Spain is $6,000 per semester. If you study abroad through a third-party provider, the cost will be roughly $14,000 per semester. You should also budget for additional living costs, textbooks, food, and travel.

Learn more in our article, How Much is a Semester Studying Abroad in Spain?

Explore the Go Overseas Scholarship directory to find a scholarship to help you study abroad in Spain.


To study abroad in Spain, you will need to collect and submit the student visa application and materials no more than 90 days before the start of your program. The visa application fee is $160 for U.S. students. Learn more about the requirements and application process from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation website.


If housing isn’t included through your study abroad program, consider living with a host family, shared housing with fellow students, or on-campus through university dorms. Another way to find furnished student housing in Spain is through UniPlaces.

Spanish Language Immersion

While it is definitely possible to study abroad in Spain if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s impossible to spend a semester in Spain and not encounter the beautiful Spanish language. Whether it’s stopping for groceries at a corner market or ordering a favorite drink at the local bar (sangria, anyone?), it’s helpful to brush up on some simple Spanish phrases for your time studying abroad.

In some regions of Spain people speak an entirely different language/dialect, such as Catalan or Basque in the northern parts of the country. Inform yourself about the local cultures of the destinations in which you are considering studying abroad in.

Life, Culture & Travel in Spain

It’s impossible to summarize a dynamic country like Spain; there are too many regions, influences, and cultures! Whether you choose to study in the bustling capital city of Madrid, laid-back beach town of Barcelona, or in the historical heartland of Granada, you’ll find something which captivates your imagination for a semester -- or a lifetime. Don't forget to sample the local fares in every destination you visit; Spain has some unmissable foods and drinks you can't find elsewhere!

Most major cities in Spain are well-situated to explore other parts of the country. If, for example, you’re studying in Madrid, here are great day and weekend trips you can plan during your semester abroad.


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