Teaching & Cultural Exchange in Costa Rica

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girl with hands up at sunset on a hike
girl with hands up at sunset on a hike


This experience is a perfect blend of teaching English and culture/language exchange. When you teach English in Costa Rica, you soon discover that all trails lead to waterfalls, misty crater lakes or jungle-fringed, deserted beaches. Explored by horseback, foot or kayak, Costa Rica is a tropical choose-your-own-adventure land.

On this program it is possible to stay 4-8 weeks tutoring English in San Ramon. Tutors are needed to work with groups of locals who already have a basic level of English. This is conversational English. You will also tutor your host family. A group of expats began offering conversation language classes to locals in San Ramon. More and more locals signed on. Our participants add another component to these classes.

The students, ages 12-60+, meet during the week. With 5-6 students in each class, the classes are each 1 ½ hours. The classes run for 8 weeks Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings.

Program fee starting at US$1,329.

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Yes, I recommend this program

If you want to teach english and practice spanish, go to costa rica

I speak fluent spanish, but I live in a place where its almost impossible for me to practice! I've also been teaching english for 3 years so as soon as I found out about this opportunity, I paid my $1700 and got on a plane ASAP. The 31 days I spent with my host-family were incredible, the things I was able to see and do when I wasn't teaching were incredible, and of course, the support and communication between myself and the team @ Geovisions was pretty simple and fast. Also the best part about this trip was the lifelong connections I now have in San Ramon, so basically when I return to travel there, I have some sweet hookups. As far as safety goes I never felt safer! The streets here are clean, the people are extremely friendly to tourists (especially since the majority of costa rican economy comes from tourism) and the food is amazing!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
All the research I did didn't prepare me for the humidity! I brought 3 pairs of jeans and never wore any of them. If you come from a dry climate, bring plenty of tank tops, lots of suncscreen and get ready to drink a gallon of water a day haha!