Early Years Teaching Training Program

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This is a free program that involves 5 hours of training every week and 25 hours of classroom experience alongside an experienced teacher. The teachers will be trained in the following aspects:
- Principles of International Baccalaureate PYP program.
- Classroom management.
- Lesson Plan Preparation and collaborative planning process.
- Pastoral Care (For Preschool).

You can also experience a couple of days of Indian CBSE curriculum at our parent organization Nalanda: (nalanda.edu.in and nvn.edu.in).

This program covers accommodation for the staff. Food and Travel allowance can be made with long-term commitment.

  • Inquiry-based Curriculum that focuses on activities rather than direct teaching.
  • Multi-Cultural Environment with teachers from across the globe experience.
  • Thematic based learning that involves teachers to work all together from various disciplines.
  • Learn new Assessment strategies since we avoid traditional tests.
  • You will experience new classroom management strategies by working along side an experienced teacher.

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