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Entirely dependent on background, qualifications, nationality and experience.
Dec 04, 2017
May 01, 2012

About Program

Chandra Kusuma School is an incredible, unique pre-school that employs equally incredible, unique teachers to care for our amazing children.

Classes are taught in English and focus on learning through activities. Successful applicants will have a high level of English with very little accent and a proven track record within a kindergarten environment. Musical, craft, and drama skills would be a definite advantage.

This position is open to suitable qualified, Indonesian nationals.

Salary will be based on qualifications, experience and ability in English.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Chandra Kusuma School, My Second Home

Before I start writing about Chandra Kusuma School, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Agnes and I graduated from Chandra Kusuma School. I studied in Chandra Kusuma School for six years and during that period of time, I’ve learn not only scientific knowledge but also precious soft skills, which are very useful not only in school but also workplace, I’ve also had working experiences and one of them was provided by Chandra Kusuma School. So, now that you know my background with Chandra Kusuma School, I would very much like to tell you about Chandra Kusuma School, the place I’ve always considered my second home.

I had been enrolled in a couple of school before I enrolled in Chandra Kusuma School. Those were great years of my childhood but I feel my potential came into sight when I was admitted to Chandra Kusuma School. I think experiences were the most precious things I gain from Chandra Kusuma School. I had my first experience of winning a competition in Chandra Kusuma School. It was also my first time winning cash prize but the experience is the best prize. There were also fieldtrips with my classmates. I attended a couple of them and it was a precious memories. I also had my first working experience in Chandra Kusuma School. I got the chance to work in different positions, a teacher assistant and administration staff. I joined a lot of clubs as well. In Charity Club, I got the chance to do good deeds and learn that there are lots of unfortunate people out there and I have to be grateful of what I have. I was in Student Council (OSIS) for few years in different position, I got to experience and learn how to work with others. I was also in lots of competitions; inter-school competitions, regional and also national competitions, thanks to Chandra Kusuma School.

Besides the experiences, the facilities provided by Chandra Kusuma School allow me to upgrade my abilities. There are native foreigner teachers with wonderful English, excellent computer labs, lots of instruments in music room, amazing collection of art supplies and many more great facilities, which I can use to learn more things and gain more knowledge. Not to mention all the teachers who are excellent in all the subjects they taught. If the students know how to make use of all these wonderful academic resources, they would graduate with a satisfying result.

Apart of the experiences and facilities, there are a lot more to gain from Chandra Kusuma School and if I were to write everything, it would take at least a book to tell you all the wonderful stories I had in Chandra Kusuma School. I learned more than just knowledge in Chandra Kusuma School. I learned about love, friendship, dreams and the beauty of education. I should say that I graduated with satisfying results, thanks to Chandra Kusuma School, and the joy of looking at my parents’ smile from where I stood when I delivered my valedictorian speech; it was way beyond what words can describe. It was the best moment in my life. I feel I’m forever indebted to my parents and I feel that that smile I saw in my graduation ceremony pays a little bit of my debt. I am also forever indebted to all the teachers and staffs in Chandra Kusuma School. They are my second family and Chandra Kusuma School is my second home. Without any of them, there won’t be today for me.


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Yes, I recommend this program

My review about Chandra Kusuma School

Chandra Kusuma is a great small school with great facilities. Since the number of students per class is limited to a maximum of 24 students, there is ample one-on-one attention from teachers. There is an extensive extra-curricular program which offers students a wide range of sporting, art and educational activities. School events (such as Sports Day, School Camp, Charity Bazaar, Art & Music Night, etc) are organized together by students and teachers, it gives us some experiences in working with people and also building togetherness. Chandra Kusuma has made my university life so much easier since the teaching system does not focus mainly on theories. Field trips are held at least once a year in every grade to encourage students to apply what they have learned in real environment. The tests given are not only written, but could be in practical, presentation or a group/individual project which help students not to only memorize but really understand the lesson. Another plus point is students are motivated to speak only English or Indonesian language inside school, and punishments that educate will be given to those who do not obey, such as writing stories in English or Indonesian. Chandra Kusuma also makes sure that students are ready for college or university. I think this is how I reached this stage today and I take this opportunity to thank everyone at Chandra Kusuma.

Caresse Carrari

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