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Nathan Alfonso
I couldn't of asked for more! The tour was an ideal blend of history, culture, locality, scenery and beach!! I got to tick off one of the items off my bucket list, Angkor which is something out of...
Kara Dowhaniuk
Travelling in Hokkaido can sometimes be intimidating on a whole! Not being able to speak Japanese, trying to figure out confusing or inaccesable transportation, and preparing activities can be...
Giuliana Viana
A place to (re) connect with yourself, nature and like-minded people. Waking up early, eating tasty and healthy food, working among nature, having a stunning view everywhere you look this is how your...
Michael Gallagher
For my first ever trip to Ireland for St Paddy's Day I wanted it to be brilliant! I had heard from a lot of friends that the accommodation and packages for stays in Dublin could be super expensive so...

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