Adelaide to Perth Camping & Wildlife Adventure

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Are you a free spirited traveller looking for wild adventures and unique experiences? Then get off the usual tourist path and combine Australia's ultimate road trip with incredible wildlife encounters on this 10 day swag camping adventure!

This 10 day Adelaide to Perth Tour is a 4000km journey through some of Australia's most diverse and wild landscapes allowing you to experience everything from the outback to ancient forests. Encounter abundant native wildlife, hike through beautiful national parks and learn about indigenous culture. You'll be sleeping under the stars and discovering the real essence of Australia and the untouched wonders of our remote destinations. We promise authentic experiences, world class wildlife encounters and a level of service that will amaze and enrich you.

This is the real Australia, let us show it to you!

  • Extreme diversity in landscapes - The Real Australia
  • Get up close and personal with native wildlife in its own environment
  • Incredible hikes in National Parks
  • Swim with wild sea lions and dolphins
  • Swim at some of the best beaches in the world and have them all to yourself

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  • Fun 9.7
  • Staff 10
  • Safety 9.7
  • Organization 9.7
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Just an awesome trip off the beaten track!

I did the Adelaide to Perth tour in February and had the most fun ever! I got to meet lots of people from all over the world which made the experience even better. The sights visited and the activities you do are just a one in a lifetime and i am very lucky to have done it. My special places were Cape le Grand National Park and Coodlie Park. Both places are beautiful but the people and owners you will meet at Coodlie Park are such fun and loving people who put all the effort in the business. It was great to sleep under the stars and swim with the sea lions and dolphins, as well as getting to experience a bit of the indigenous culture as well at Koomal Dreaming. This trip is one that i will never forget, as crossing the Nullarbor is such an amazing and impressive experience, with all the people, activities, fun tour guide.

How can this program be improved?
This program is already at its best. Just keep it as it is now.
Yes, I recommend this program

one of a lifetime experience

If I recommend a tour in Australia I would say the tour from Adelaide to Perth and back! Loved the sights you see along the way like Lucky bay, with kangaroos on the beach, wave rock, and Koomal dreaming! It was my first time sleeping in a swag which was scary but in the end, the best part (a swag is a canvas sleeping bag). Sleeping under the stars, best camp television you can get. Traveling together with amazing people. Loved their stories and made the best mates for the rest of my life. The optional experiences are one of the best highlights of the tour as swimming with the sealions & dolphins (I got a sweet kiss from one of the sealions) and the cage dive with the great whites. AMAZING to see these creatures in their own environment! (in a cage ;P) and a great plus is Coodlie Park were you have a BBQ and campfire and a beautiful BUCKETshower. If you want to know what I mean with a bucketshower or how swaghuts look like? Just see it for yourself and BOOK a tour with Nullarbor traveller. Or have a look at their website or facebook page ;)

Yes, I recommend this program

Best experience ever!!

I was not familiar with this part of Australia but it has exceeded my expectations in so many ways! There is not much tourism here what makes is much more special! This is just a great tour which shows you all the beautiful things you can find between Adelaide and Perth, and believe me there is so much to see! You will see the real Australia and have amazing experiences like swimming with wild dolphins and sealions! The swags, where you will be sleeping in, are just amazing! You will be sleeping under the stars and between the wildlife! Just the overal experience of camping is the best way to go and something i have never experienced before! This tour is just amazing! I would recommend it to everyone! Go of the beaten track and just discover this beautiful part of Australia! :)

Yes, I recommend this program

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