• South Africa
    • Hoedspruit
14 days
Hiking Horseback Riding Safari

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Adventure Travel Educational Volunteer Abroad
Group size
Small Group (1-15)
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Budget Singles Solo Women
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Animals Safari Jeep
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2019 Prices
ZAR 1000-00 per day
ZAR 220-00 per airport transfer
ZAR 220-00 for Gate Levies per 4 weeks
ZAR 260-00 for WiFi per 4 weeks
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Accommodation Some Activities Airport Transfers Equipment Meals Park Fees Transportation Water Wifi
What's Not Included
Some Activities Airfare SIM cards Snacks Travel Insurance Visa
Sep 29, 2023
Nov 30, 2018
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About Program

Our mission at African Dream Horse Safari is to show all who join us a fun and exciting way to work and learn about horses and the wildlife of South Africa.

The programme welcomes holiday makers and students who would like to spend their time with us living their ultimate African Dream. From horse trails through the bush and gaining horse riding skills with jumping and flatwork lessons in the arena, to game drives in the Big 5 nature reserves, to hiking through the mountains and swimming under waterfalls.

As a family run company, we pride ourselves in what we do and do it to the best of our ability and our main mission is to help you to live your dreams!!!

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Program Highlights

  • Africa
  • Horses
  • Wildlife
  • Outreach
  • Excursions

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4.90 Rating
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  • 4 rating 10%
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  • Value 4.5
  • Fun 4.9
  • Staff 5
  • Safety 4.8
  • Organization 4.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

ADHS is amazing !!

This trip was the best in my life.
I learned so much about the African wildlife. The African dream team organized so much trips and made it possible for us to see so many attractions in this part of South Africa. My 8 weeks stay was never boring. And the from the beginning you felt like a part of the family. Because of the jumping and dressage lessons every kind of rider can visit this program. When you get riding lessons, the horse and The lesson will be adjusted to your level. And it never became boring cause every day you make different things with the horses. Every Wednesday the whole group make a excursions to a different place what volunteers would line to visit. And every second Thursday you be a part of the outreach, to help streetdogs and poor families with their dogs. The Thompson family always try to make every wish of each volunteer or internship possible. I really can recommend this program to every volunteer and internship who wants to meet lots of new friends and learn a lot about horses and the South African nature!!

What would you improve about this program?
I think this program is perfect, and there is no way to make it better!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing time in Africa

I enjoyed six weeks at the ADHS program as a volunteer and it was such an incredible time there. No matter how much experience you have with horses or the african wildlife, you'll be warmly included to the team or rather to the ADHS family. Everyone there is open-minded and interested to learn more about the different cultures, habits and opinions from all over the world.
The days are filled with a lot of time at the stables, where everyone can train his skills by getting lessons in dressage, jumping or groundwork, or you just enjoy the amazing nature during an outride. It never feels like work, because it's always so much fun with the people around.
The other focus of the project is the sharing of the big knowledge about the wildlife. You learn so much about animals and their behaviour, the special plants, the importance of water and the consequences of the human acting for the nature.
All in all it was just an amazing experience for me and I can just recommend it to everyone!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Most amazing stay at ADHS

I came to African Dream two times already because we always had the most amazing time. To experience the african wildlife in the bush, driving around, just sitting around the fire and watching the animals or horseriding through the bush is such a special holiday. You will learn a lot about the wildlife on game drives through Jejane Nature Reserve or the big Krüger National Park with Ryan or Christelle. At the stables you can work with their brilliant horses and you learn a lot from Traci and Shannon who have a huge knowledge wehn it comes to horses. Traci and her dream team are the most amazing people, they make everyone happy everyday. The only sad thing is that you will miss this place everyday back at home. Thanks for letting us live with you guys in this wonderful place!

What would you improve about this program?
It's already perfect, just stay like this and everyone will love it!
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Yes, I recommend this program

A life changing experience

I can't recommend this program more. You have the opportunity to work on flat work and jumping as well doing outrides into the African bush. In addition you have the opportunity to do bareback riding and learn natural horsemanship skills.

In addition to the fabulous horse riding you also get involved in the local community through animal outreach programs, social events and becoming part of the African Dream family from the moment you arrive.

Living on a reserve open with Kruger each day you have fabulous wildlife sightingsof the Big 5 and many more at the outdoor kitchen.

I have made fantastic friends from all around the world. My only advice is to say "yes" to everything on offer to really get the most out of your time..minimum booking of 3 weeks recommended; once there you will want to stay forever!

What would you improve about this program?
Then only way that this program could improve is for the participant to stay as long as possible!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Most amazing trip ever

This place is one of the most special places in this world. So many wonderful people that let you become part of their family and friends. I can't even tell what the most amazing thing was, because how can you compare beautiful excursions (Kruger, Blyde River Canyon, ...) with living in the middle of the bush with seeing giraffes and zebras on an outride with the opportunity to ride so many amazing horses with just having wonderful times with the other girls hanging around? On the other hand, as much as they try to make your stay as much fun as possible, you get so many informations and knowledge about the country and also get to see the problems in South Africa. This part changed me very much.
So in the end I came back with having friends from all over the world and thousands of beautiful memories.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Living an African Dream

I have now visited African Dream Horse Safari on two occasions for a total of 5 weeks, the most recent being August this year. I can say without any reservations that they have been some of the best 5 weeks of my life. You are immediately made to feel like part of an amazing team, but more importantly, an amazing family. The opportunities offered out there are varied and incredible - be it riding through the bush with giraffe, jumping in the arena, game drives, exploring the Panoramic route, dog outreach at a nearby village or swimming in the Olifants River. The people met out there become lifelong friends and the African Dream Team make you feel so incredibly welcome. I cannot quite express how amazing this place is and I can not recommend it enough.

What would you improve about this program?
It’s wonderful, I cannot think of any ways in which it can be improved - I loved every second
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Yes, I recommend this program

My African Dream

My time at African Dream was beyond amazing. I had so much fun and have seen such wonderful things. You arrive in this kind of Dream place where everything you see is just stunning and everything you do, you do with a smile on your face.
I've been there twice now 6 weeks each. But no amount of time will ever be enough because you never want to leave. You learn so much, you improve your riding skills a lot! You improve your knowledge about the wildlife and nature and you learn to be independent. it's a great way to experience another culture and combine it with having a great time. I became friends with the staff and I will definitely visit again. I loved every minute of it and I highly recommend everybody to experience it for themselves!!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Adventurous holiday

I was very happy to spend two weeks of July 2018 with Traci and her team at African Dream Horse Safari. It was overall a welcoming, friendly and accepting environment with a lot of laughs and amazing excursions and trail rides. We were also a part of the outreach program lead by the ADHS, where we were able to see another side of SA and the local community. All the trips organized by ADHS felt organized and safe, with good humored and knowledgeable staff, who were always ready to explain and answer any ridiculous question. We also had the pleasure of learning about natural horsemanship and stable management from Traci and Shannon, who were keen to let you get hands on and involved with organizing and helping out with everything from trail rides to lunging.
I would absolutely recommend this trip to any animal/horse lover and I would personally love another opportunity to get back to ADHS.

What would you improve about this program?
Although I had a wonderful time, it would have been great to have a more comprehensive understanding of the outreach program and how to deal with the animals. As most people will not have had any experience with feral or unsocialized dogs. Perhaps the groups going out on outreach could have been smaller and it would have been nice to have more briefing/training.
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