A brown-skinned Asian woman with a teal hiking backpack stops on the trail and poses in front of a lush view of the mountains

Krysten Mariann Boado


Currently on a mission to touch lives through travel, Krysten is a digital nomad on a solo hiking and hitchhiking adventure across the globe.

She documents her adventures on Krysten Kaladkarin, which can be found on web and across all social media platforms.

Inspired by the kindness and compassion of the people who have welcomed her in her five-year journey, Krysten has used travel as a tool to create positive change by volunteering for local communities in countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and currently, in Ukraine. She also raises funds to support various advocacies through her travel blog.

As a traveler, Krysten enjoys spending time outdoors, reading books, admiring art in museums, and listening to locals’ stories about their culture, society, and daily life.

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