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Olivia Salmonese studies Psychology and Business in North Carolina but has forever been changed by her experiences in Florence, Italy and cannot wait to get back. Deep down, she is waiting for the travel channel to offer her a show but in the meantime, she enjoys reading, laughing, cappuccinos and can make a pretty great lasagna.

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Originally published on May 2nd, 2013. Updated version includes contributions from Rachael Taft Whether you want to gain experience in your field of study, have a unique experience, or just prolong your time as a student, Australia is a country you should consider searching for...
Is La Dolce Vita calling you? Does the idea of waking up surrounded by the timeless beauty of the Romans or the Renaissance make you swoon? Then studying in Italy may be the perfect place for you spend your semester (or year) abroad.
So, you want to live in the land of gelato, art, and ‘La Dolce Vita’? Italy hasn’t become one of the most popular study abroad destinations by accident – the allure of sipping cappuccinos, relishing in ancient architecture, and possibility of wooing attractive locals all seem to...

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