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Help to care for orangutans in a rescue centre on the stunning island of Borneo. These orangutans have all been rescued from the illegal wildlife and pet trade - they were taken from the wild as babies and kept in cages for years. Thankfully, they have now been rescued and can now live a life as close to the wild as possible.

The staff at the centre find it impossible to say no to animals in need, so in addition to the orangutans, you will also find that you are working with sun bears, gibbons, crocodiles and even cloud leopards.

Help with tasks, such as:

- food preparation
- feeding
- cleaning enclosures
- making enrichments for the orangutans
- helping to build structures such as swings, bridges and walkways
- general maintenance such as painting, cleaning and constructions

Volunteers live on site in shared accommodation. You will be given a food budget and will be living on a self catering basis.

You will get 2 consecutive days off each week.

  • Help to care for one of the world's most beloved animals - the orangutan.
  • Enjoy incredible Malaysian food, a fusion of Chinese, Thai, Indian and more - yum!
  • Work alongside a team of international volunteers - and make friends from all around the world.
  • Work with a wide range of animals, from orangutans to sun bears, from leopards to monkeys!
  • Explore this amazing island in your free time - incredible beaches and National Parks galore!


Volunteers help to care for hundreds of animals at the centre

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