Volunteer Soccer Assistant Coach in Uvita (coast)

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Are you interesting in volunteering coaching soccer? This program may be the perfect fit for you. We develop soccer player's technique, strategy, & discipline, but our job doesn’t stop there. We assist our players off the field as well, helping them mature and grow on and off the field. Our goal is to not only have alumni playing on a professional level, but also that they contribute to their families, local community, and those in need around them.

As an International Coach you will work alongside our coaching staff & players on a weekly basis in a number of ways. In an average week, we will schedule:
- Physical Training
- Mid-Week Trainings
- Saturday Trainings
- Personalized Trainings
- English Classes
- Community Cleanup & Outreach
- Occasional Events
- Non Tournament games 1-2 month (Seasonal)
- Tournament games every week typically for 12 weeks (Seasonal)

  • Explore one of the natural beaches of the world and coach kids at the beach (not every day)
  • Gain Spanish by living with the family in our volunteer accommodation
  • Become a member of a great community and help kids to make their dream happend
  • Helping in Social Media or Fundrasing (long term volunteers)
  • Visit different beaches, waterfalls during your free time, go surfing and have fun with other volunteers


Each week you will have half a day free on Saturday, Sunday free and most of Tuesday and Friday. Sometimes we have games on Sunday when we are in a tournament, but we will be able to let you know the game schedule ahead of time. As volunteer will help 5 days a week.
Usually training will be at the local soccer field or gym. Somethimes you will make training at the beach.
Be prepared to do a little bit of everything! One of our core values is that everything is important. Some days we will be marking the field for the big game, teaching English to our players, preparing trainings, performing personalized training, leading physical training sessions, etc. The key to keep in mind is that EVERY thing we do is of great importance. You will work alongside and under the leadership of our coaching staff. One key to your success will be to develop proactive leadership skills. We will schedule out a lot of things with you, but we welcome new ideas!

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