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Jan 09, 2023
Jan 24, 2023
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IVI has been operating in Fiji for over 20 years! This beautiful South Pacific Island is full of adventures, 'Bula' spirit , warm oceans, and even warmer people. Come experience the incredible spirit of Fiji!

As a nonprofit organisation, we provide affordable, trusted and safe volunteer projects, which include orientation, accommodation, meals, 24/7 in-country support, and airport pickup. Experience the real Fiji with us and help give back to deserving local communities. We have projects in the Nadi/ Lautoka region where you will stay with a local family- a fantastic experience! We also have programs on the Coral Coast, where you will stay in a volunteer centre with other like-minded travellers.

Programs include teaching & kindy, remote island teaching, construction, medical & nutrition, animal care, special needs, sports and a womens commune.

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Program Highlights

  • Join over 25,000+ Volunteers!
  • 33+ years experience. IVI provides safe, high quality & responsible volunteer travel experiences
  • Home Stays or Volunteer Centre Accommodation Options
  • Programs from $395 a week, starting every Monday
  • Structured Nutrition & Public Health Community Outreach Project - popular!

Popular Programs

Public health outreach teams of 4 to 12 volunteers

Travel with purpose and help combat malnutrition and public health issues in Fiji. If you have an interest or background in nutrition, dietetics, nursing, physiotherapy and community health we are running set intakes providing free health services to people in need. You'll have guidance from a qualified in-country practitioner. Amazing career growth opportunity. Intakes run in January, June, July & November.

Experience real authentic island life in Fiji

A truly unique, raw and exclusive local Fijian experience! This Island lies in the outer regions of the Mamanuca Islands, approximately 1-hour fast ferry from the mainland. It is a volcanic island, with a steep, grass-covered interior, rocky coastline, and long sandy beaches. You’ll have full access to and will take part in one of the few traditional Fijian island villages left in this region.

Womens commune

Home to around 400 women and children from disadvantaged backgrounds, the commune requires help in a number of places, from childcare, to English teaching, administration, health checks, building maintenance, counselling, and gardening.

We welcome volunteers of all skill levels who have a caring, understanding and commited attitude. This is a popular and an extremely rewarding project.

kindergarten teaching with IVI volunteers

Volunteer with IVI at local kindergartens in Fiji. You will help to care for and teach 4 to 7 years olds. The children are very energetic so be sure to bring along your energy! Teach English conversational skills, writing, reading, drawing, through fun activities. Get creative through painting, drawing, crafts and anything else you can think of!

School Renovation in Fiji

Create a positive impact in the lives of the local communites on the Coral Coast. You will be building and maintaining community buildings and local schools which may not have the funds otherwise. Help make for a brighter community and a place where children can learn in a well-maintained environment. No expereince required and volunteers are placed where their skill levels lie.

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Yes, I recommend this program

love to volunteer again with the same group of amazing girls if I could!

Travelling with Carrun and just a small group of girls who were all amazing….going around the Mamanuca Islands and working in different communities each day was really cool.

Epic team and i’d love to volunteer again with the same group of amazing girls if I could! Carrun was a legend and made the trip super fun.

In the brief it stated we would be working shorter days, and some of our days ended up being 10 hours of work. If I wasn’t working this would have been fine, but I had anticipated being able to work in the evenings. For any students studying during the trip, it would be a bit difficult with the super long hours.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Found a second home

I've lived on Yanaya island for 2 months. Believe me, when I say that I have watery eyes each time someone asks me about my trip. This is the best trip in terms of social experience and personal development. The kids are amazing and the language barrier doesn't exist anymore. I took with me some fishing gear for the village and every two days we were out fishing "Fiji style". I celebrated my birthday there and it was one of the best, thanks to the all-island ! I met so many interesting people and made new friends with the others volunteers.
You will see change in their life but also yours.
Don't be scared it's Fiji Time.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fiji Kindergarten Lautoka Volunteering Feedback

The highlight for me was the home stay option, being able to stay with a family and make a real connection was the best experience. I was so sad to leave the first family, only to be greeted by another really nice family who welcomed me into their home. It was great to see how they lived including eating, sleeping and everyday chores.

Team, food and accommodation:
Masi, his wife Mere and their son Marika were so nice! Marika was there waiting for me at the airport. They made me feel very welcomed (even had Mere check my hair for head lice). The accommodation with them was very nice, clean house, very comfy beds and I felt safe. Also a great location, easy to walk to town and back. Mere made nice food for dinner every night.
The food at the first accommodation was really good and traditional, getting me to try a lot of local cuisine. My room was nice and the bathroom was also nice, very clean house.
The second family on the island also provided delicious food and plenty of it! However I definitely was missing fruit and greens. The bathroom could do with some work but I understand with a large family and children it can get dirty very quick along with the rest of the house. My bedroom was the computer room next door and was clean and big.

What would you improve about this program?
I originally had put down renovation, however that didn’t happen. I should have talked about it more with Masi however I felt I should just do what I was told to help the community. So maybe clarifying with the volunteer with what they had originally put down and trying to make that work as a first priority and then offer other options. I also had some money that I wanted to donate, Masi told me to talk to the first family and I ended up spending it on some prizes for the kids who did well in a contest. Although I thought that perhaps the money should have gone to something more worthy. Perhaps Masi could have a list of things requested by the community that need help?
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Yes, I recommend this program

Remote Island Teaching in Fiji

Highlights of the trip:
Being greeted at the airport by our drivers, and our first night staying in Lautoka with Litea and her family – she went above and beyond to welcome us to Fiji and ensure that we felt comfortable in her home. She took us shopping and to church on Sunday before serving us lunch and making sure we made it to Port Denarau in time for the ferry.
Getting to experience daily life and culture on the island – our hosts were extremely accommodating and attentive to our needs, and the kids were great tour guides for our afternoons after school. By the end of the week, it already felt like I was becoming a member of my host family.
It was interesting to see how developed the school was despite being in such a remote location – the classrooms were well built and the teachers were very professional and knowledgeable.
The kids, although a little rowdy, were eager to learn and share with us. It was a pleasure and an honour to have the opportunity to teach Class 1 for a couple of mornings, as well as some sessions with Class 2 and 5.
Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
Masi made sure our transport and accommodations at arrival in Fiji were all taken care of – even though he was in Suva, he made sure to phone in and check on us, and explain the arrangements for our transport to Yanuya – this was much appreciated. His son was also very helpful in arranging for our water and kava root to be bought and delivered to the ferry terminal.
Litea and her family were amazing hosts for our first night in Fiji – her home was very comfortable, the food was delicious, and we enjoyed interacting with her daughter and grandchildren.
The transport to and from Yanuya was well organised. We appreciated the efforts made to pick up and drop us off in the longboat from the ferry across to the island.
The headmaster and teachers at the school were very welcoming, and helpful with any questions we may have had during our stay. I appreciated the efforts they made to include us in their classes on the first day / orientation.
My host family were a joy and pleasure to stay with. They were very welcoming to both myself and my travel companions.
The room prepared for my stay was large, clean and comfortable. I was surprised to find that there was electricity / wired lighting provided in the room, and I could have my bedroom light on as late as I wished.
My host mother, Oni, went to great efforts to prepare all meals from scratch, including rising early to prepare fresh bread rolls for my breakfast on several mornings. She was also accommodating of my dietary requirements, making sure not to include any foods I was sensitive to, and making a special trip to the markets to get pineapple when she found out it was my favourite.
When I fell ill on the Thursday night, she was also very attentive to my needs, and prepared only the foods I requested for the remainder of my stay.
I did not see her husband very often whilst I was on the island, but appreciated him meeting us at Port Denarau on our return from Yanuya, and arranging transport for us to the resort.

What would you improve about this program?
A cultural orientation would be appreciated – we were served a large amount of food by our host families and encouraged repetitively to eat more at every meal. We were unsure if this request could be denied without causing offence, and if the excessive amounts of food would go to waste if not eaten, and subsequently ended up making ourselves ill.
We were also advised (before leaving Australia) that we should purchase snacks / fruit before going to the island, as there would be no shops on the island. We brought food from Australia, and also purchased fruit at the markets in Lautoka – it was not required – our hosts provided more than enough during our stay. Personally I found it embarrassing to have fruit going rotten because it was laid aside and forgotten, as a result of us being so well fed by our hosts.
The only positive being that we were able to make gifts of our snack foods to our host families at the end of our stay – they appreciated the chips and chocolates.
Overall I found it ok to be hosted individually, however did find it daunting at first, especially given that I was expecting to be hosted in pairs. I believe I would have adjusted more quickly had I arrived knowing / expecting to be hosted individually. I personally would prefer being able to stay in group accommodation such as during our trip to Cambodia last year.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fiji Teaching Review

The highlights of the trip were of course the children. They are such happy children, keen to learn and I was really impressed with the generally neatness of their bookwork and their handwriting.
The people there are so welcoming and accepting of people into their village. They showed great concern for me and my comfort and for my age (apparently I was the oldest volunteer they had ever had at the school) and I know a lot of work went on behind the scenes to make sure I was comfortable and safe.
Some of the highlights were travelling with the students to Mololo Island and Sigatoka for sports events. The logistics of organising up to 76 students 7 teachers and a couple of volunteers to travel in small fishing boats and the school boat to Mololo and in the case of the trip to Sigatoka transferring to the ferry off the island of Tokoriki and catching a bus from Denarau to Sigatoka were pretty formidable but were managed very impressively.
I loved reading with the students. They work so hard and are so keen to learn. I also enjoyed walking along the beach with the students after school singing songs we had learned that day or collecting shells and also spending time with the women who were so very kind and generous. I felt I really made some good friends. I’ve enclosed a photos of the children but I’m afraid I am not a very good photographer and I also missed a lot of photo opportunities. I am truly grateful for the opportunity of being a volunteer at Mamanuca school and I would love to do it again. I would need to save the money, which I’m sure I could do, and I would have to do it before I get too much older but let’s see how I go. Could you please give me the email address and the postal address of the school? I have some books from a reading programme I would like to send and also gifts for Master Te and Mala, who took such good care of me while I was there.

What would you improve about this program?
There are probably a couple of things that I wasn’t really prepared for: One was the fact that I left everyone in Sigatoka on Thursday and with everyone busy trying to get organised for the trip back to Yanuya, Master Te and I left early in the morning to go to his village and I did not get the opportunity so say “Goodbye” and to thank people before I left.
Another thing was that because I was staying with the men teachers I hadn’t taken anything as a gift for them and I didn’t have the opportunity to shop for a gift for them. I was not able to leave the island to shop and the cost of the return ferry trip to Tokoriki is quite expensive.
One other thing is that although it says so in the Welcome Pack there is nowhere to keep important belongings safe. I really have no issues with this as I’m sure 99 percent of the time this is not a problem, however my speaker, which I use with my computer, went missing during my stay at the school.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fiji Nutrition & Public Health

Highlights of the trip:
The trip would not have been the same without the amazing pals I shared it with. Sharing this experience with them was bonding to the max haha. The rural villages were definitely a highlight of the trip! The villagers are incredibly friendly and caring, and they were grateful for our health checks as much as we were grateful for their hospitality. One particular villager, which was our live-in rooster, was most entertaining. Every evening he would climb the tree outside our bedroom and would wake us up no earlier than 4am, all I can say is that we were very ready for the day ahead haha.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
The amazing Danielle, our super coordinator, my personal hero, what a babe. Mere, my mother from another country. Food wise, I’ve learnt that my body can eat way more carbs than I thought possible haha. This trip has expanded my recipe book, not sure I can live without roti parcels and that marvellous spinach recipe now haha.

Sharing the accomodation with the rest of the team made it feel like home, which eased my apprehension.

What would you improve about this program?
I’m not sure if there’s too much that can be done with Fiji time, but other than that I would have loved a bit more pre-departure information regarding the family we would be staying with, as well as an itinerary for the trip. Just so that I can assure my family, friends, and myself, that I’m not just rocking up and hoping for the best haha.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Remote Island Teaching Review

The whole two- week trip was a highlight from me. From being picked up at the airport by Masi’s son to being driven to the Denaru by a family friend. I arrived on the island with the headmaster’s family in a small fibreglass boat and it is certainly something I’ll never forget. Fiji is such a family orientated culture, which made me feel so comfortable from the start. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and I felt right at home from the beginning. The children melted my heart with their beautiful smiles and cheekiness, the locals always greeted me as I wandered past with the kids and the pristine beaches and coral reefs that surrounded the island were stunning. My host family were incredible, so generous with everything they had. They answered my questions, talked to me, laughed with me and my two Fijian “brothers” I had for two weeks,I will never forget. I left Fiji feeling like I was a part of their family. The teaching staff were so appreciative of everything I did and they made me feel like part of the school.

The island is such a picturesque island with natural beauty everywhere you looked. I loved waking up in the morning to the sun shining and the sounds of the children going about their morning jobs. I felt that I have experienced the “real” Fiji in staying on a remote island and living like a local. I would not have wanted it any other way for my first experience as a volunteer.

Comments on team, food and accommodation:
Lauren was fabulous with her communication and any questions I had were answered promptly. Even though I had no reason to contact her whilst in Fiji, I felt 100% supported the whole time. Masi and his family were incredible hosts and I felt right at home staying with him and his family. He was informative and extremely helpful when my bags went missing (haha) and more importantly a kind soul. The food on the island was quite bland compared to what I was use to back home but there was plenty of it and I enjoyed trying out the various Fijian foods that were prepared for me. As we were briefed, vegetables and fruits were few and far between but this was expected. Once again I was expecting clean but no frills accommodation in comparison to what I am use to. The toilet for me was somewhat of a challenge in the beginning (haha) and the shower was buckets of water. You just have to embrace it and go with the flow because that is how they live and it was important for me to be grateful for what they had given me. This experience was out of my comfort zone but hands down one of the best things I’ve ever done.

What would you improve about this program?
As I’m quite an organised person I felt a little disorganised before leaving but to be honest I felt completely okay once I landed in Fiji. Their carefree nature rubbed off and me and I just felt that everything would be fine! In terms of the teaching, next time I would love to organise in advance what I could do at school so I could help as much as possible (but as I’m a teacher at home I think this why I felt this way). I loved how the organisation did as much as possible to help but on the other hand let you sort some of it out a little bit yourself too. I especially liked how I was on the island by myself for a week and not in a big group of volunteers. I feel you can become part of the community when it is like this and I really got to know the children and teachers during this time when I was alone.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fiji Public Health & Nutrition- Review by Ben

My time volunteering in Fiji with the IVI public health program was one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my life. It was a fulfilling experiences to help such beautiful people that are facing very serious but preventable health issues. The services, accommation etc. provided by IVI were far better than I could of ask for. The other volunteers were all wonderful, friendly people, with a shared desire to give their time to help others and work as a team.’

Highlights of the trip:
The biggest highlight for me was the connections and time spent with Fijian people in the village. The people were without reason so genuinely friendly and beautiful even though by ‘our standards’ they have little in terms of everyday living. It was a real privilege to stay in the remote villages and see how the people live, eat there food most of which was grown in the village and stay in there homes. Health checks was also a great experience and I really enjoyed the face to face time with the villages gathering information on the lifestyle and health. It was an extremely rewarding feeling at the end of the day after doing health checks, especially when we would find people with dangerous reading and send them away to hospital as simply as presences there may have saved that persons life. I really did love every minute of the trip to be honest.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
Jules our program manager was amazing I feel she was perfect for the role as she really knew how to keep things in order, get things done and had confidence to deal with serious and confronting situations in terms of some of the medical emergency BSL and BP reading that we got. The food was great as we got to have lots of traditional Fijian food which was just what I wanted. Accommodation was better than I would have asked for even when we stayed in the village homes on the floor this was exactly the experienced I wanted.

What would you improve about this program?
It is hard to think of any improvements as any inconveniences on the trip were more to do with the economic status of the country and availability of the everyday resources rather than anything IVI could have done better. Sometimes it was hard to get sufficient food I needed for the day but this is because I am vegetarian and in the remote places there was not always many options.
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