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All programs include arrival airport transfers, accommodation, meals, 24/7 local support, orientation and Certificate of Completion.
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Jan 09, 2023
Jan 12, 2023
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About Program

Help to transform developing communities in Bali. With 33+ years of experience as a non-profit, IVI deliver safe, impactful and meaningful programs which can help improve opportunities for the local people.

All programs include orientation, accommodation, meals, 24/7 in-country support, and airport pickup. For most projects you will stay in a volunteer centre with other like-minded travellers. We also run a specialist health & nutrition program at set times throughout the year, which is aimed at healthcare students and professionals.

Bali is one of our most popular countries, with projects ranging from teaching, turtle conservation, construction, healthcare and more!

Join us today and make an impact!

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Program Highlights

  • 33+ Years Experience - Non Profit Org & Charity
  • Over 25,000 Volunteers placed worldwide
  • Quality & Affordable Projects (the longer you stay, the cheaper it is each week)
  • Choose from locations in Ubud, Lovida and the stunning Nusa Penida island!
  • Programs start every Monday and are available year-round

Popular Programs

You'll be located in Seraya beach in the North East Bali, beautiful area relatively un-tracked by tourists

Travel with purpose off the beaten path in Bali and help combat malnutrition and public health issues in beachside villages in North East Bali. For those with backgrounds or education in nutrition & dietetics, nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, holistic care and community health you'll work as part of a team of volunteers North East Bali (off the beaten path) providing free health assessments and related services to the local people. You'll have guidance & support from a qualified practitioner.

Kindy teaching

Stay in the beautiful culture capital of Ubud, Bali, with palm trees, flowers, rice fields, monkeys, temples and a relaxed feel about the place. Our kindergarten projects require an extra set of hands in providing fun and engaging activities for the children. Get them excited to learn English and teach basic words and phrases!

Crab collecting

Stay right on the beach in the beautiful and popular Nusa Penida island. You will be assisting at the turtle centre, taking measurements, feeding the turtles, cleaning tanks and performing tasks such as crab collecting and beach cleaning. Help to increase the population of the endangered sea turtle, and if you're lucky, release hatchlings back into the wild!

With students!

If you have a passion for health education, then join our education program where you will teach children about basic nutrition, healthy eating, exercise, daily tasks such as teeth cleaning, first aid and the negative effects of processed sugar and salt. No experience is required but this would suit those who are studying medicine, healthcare, dietetics and nutritionists. For those with experience you may be able to have a more hands on role, including health check ups.

Vollies at work

Support villages around Ubud or Lombok by building and renovating community centres such as village schools, centres, playgrounds, & public libraries. Have a lasting impact on the local community by providing better living conditions.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Bali, Indonesia healthcare education

Volunteered for two weeks in Ubud Bali. Highlights of my overseas volunteering trip are ... Connecting with the children through games and activities, the last day of teaching party with the children, meeting other volunteers from all over the world.

Comments on the local team, volunteer accommodation and food... Very helpful and kind local team, fresh and varied food, very clean and organised accommodation. Feedback... More guidance on what to teach the children and assistance in planning sessions.

  • Very helpful and kind local team, fresh and varied food, very clean and organised accommodation
  • More guidance on what to teach the children and assistance in planning sessions
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Yes, I recommend this program

Teaching English in Bali Review

Highlights: Being able to see the Galungan and Kuningan celebrations up close and be given the chance to actively participate in it was a once in a lifetime experience.
Comments: The team made us feel right at home and we’re all very quick to help us with anything we needed. They helped us organize trips to the Gilis and Nusa Penida. The food was great for me, considering I have no eating restrictions, but wasn’t for my friend who has several food allergies and lactose and gluten intolerance. On the last few days, they ran out of her almond milk and didn’t get more because she was leaving soon, so she had only a hard boiled egg and water to eat for breakfast.

What would you improve about this program?
Improvements: My only suggestion would be concerning the food options. It would be great if there was a variety of options for individuals with previously mentioned eating restrictions.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Bali Primary Teaching Review by Eba

I have just spent 3 weeks on Bali and enjoyed every minute of it.
Going there, all by myself, I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, so I expected nothing. During the first breakfast with the other participants I already felt at home and welcomed. We also met our coordinators who took very good care of us during our whole stay there.
The first week was introduction week and it was SO fun. We got to experience all of the Balinese culture, visit temples, be part of the flower offering and explore the city with the help of our coordinators. I went in March which is in the end of their raining season so we did also experience a lot of rain during our tours.
I learnt that most of Bali believes in hinduism and that reflects very much in their culture, which is very different from my own culture. Visiting temples, watching a traditional balinese dance show and learning the language really makes you feel like you are a part of their culture. Even If you don’t believe in hinduism it’s nice to enjoy the culture.

One of my favorite days during the introduction week was the day we had a cooking class and our coordinator taught us how to make typical balinese food like Gado-Gado, sweet tempe and fried banana. Most of the balinese food is vegetarian, which makes me, a vegetarian, very happy. If you ever go to Bali you must try the Sweet tempe, it’s amazing.
During that lunch we got to discuss a lot of different topics with our coordinator, who was very open to talk about his beliefs and his culture. We realised that in some cases we have very different opinions and other cases we think very similar. It’s cool to see that even if we grew up in so very different conditions and so far from each other, we can still agree on a lot of things.

Without knowing it, I went there the week that Bali celebrated their new year (they have a different calendar). Because of this there was a big festival in the town, where we lived, called the ogoh-ogoh festival. People carry big, scary looking mascots which are supposed to capture all the bad spirits and then later in the night you burn the big “monsters” and the bad spirits inside them. The first day of the new year is celebrated in total silence. You are not allowed to work, no fire, no travel and no partying. That day me and the other participants had to stay at home and not use any electricity. We ended up playing games the whole day and night so we didn’t bother that the wifi was off.

At the end of introduction week I felt so happy that i got to do this with these amazing people around me, not only the other participants but the coordinators and the staff at the accommodation as well. I was so excited for the next two weeks.
The second week it was time to work, we had got our schools, the curriculums and the groups on Friday so that we would be ready on Monday. Since I was in primary school I had planning in the morning and teaching in the afternoon. In our first week, we mostly tried to understand at what level the students’ english was and we planned to work from there. We taught them numbers, body parts, shapes, directions, places and clothes. They were only 9 years old, so we taught them very basic english. You’ve got to start somewhere. When in school, we always had a coordinator with us to help us translate if we were going to explain a game or something the students didn’t understand. The coordinators were so helpful there, we literally couldn’t have done it without them.

According to balinese traditions it gives you luck in life if you get married in the beginning of the new year. Therefore we had a big wedding at our house in our second week. The son of the house owner was getting married. The whole week was spent preparing for the 700 guests that was going to come on Friday. There was food, flowers, fancy clothes and a lot of people coming and going during the week. I felt so lucky getting to experience both a balinese new years and a balinese wedding, it was amazing.

Because of test week in the ordinary school we got to go to the kindergarten the first days of our third week. Due to the fact that we had our lessons outside of the ordinary schools hours and it wasn’t mandatory attendance, we had the student rest after a long day of tests instead of going back to school for another 2 hours of english. It was nice to try kindergarten for a few days. The kids there were only 5 years old and knew almost no english but we had a wonderful teacher there to help us translate. Compared to primary school, kindergarten is more playful. We did some coloring on the theme communication and we played with them a lot, which was very fun!

Our last day in kindergarten we also got to experience a birthday party. All the kids in school gathered in a classroom. There were hats handed out to all the kids and the teachers. Cake was served and all the kids got a gift bag to bring home, consisting of candy, a drink and fried chicken.
The last two days of my third week I was back in primary school, in the same class as last week. By now I knew some names and could play with the kids in break. It was so fun being around them and seeing their smiles when we entered the room, it gave me so much energy. They were also very thankful, giving us presents and drawings every other day. Leaving the class on Friday, knowing i was not coming back, was so hard. I really hope that they keep learning and that they go far in life.

Since we had a lot of free time in the weekends and when we weren’t teaching or planning we also got to explore the city and surroundings by ourselves. One morning I went to do yoga, another I visited a waterfall nearby. In the evenings when all the participants were done with work. we usually went to a cafe in town or a pub nearby. We came from all over the world and we were so different but all so similar. I can really say I got some new great friends on this trip. Our last night together we went to a karaoke bar, that was a night I am going to remember a long time.
As well as the last night I am going to remember my time in Bali for many, many years. I learnt so much about myself, about the balinese culture, I met so many great people and saw so many stunning places.

If you have the opportunity to be a part of this program- DO IT, you won’t regret it. As my mom said, it’s the perfect mixture of tourism and working, it can’t get better than that. I can just agree. So thank you for making this possible for me and for so many others. Thank you for letting us explore Bali and assist you at the same time.
Ebba Jönsson, Sweden

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Yes, I recommend this program

Orphanage Project Review Philippines – 2017

The Philippines were amazing, I felt really welcome by the family, the project and also the city of tacloban. Our host family were so good! The Gepate family made us feel like home! They where warm and loving.

Our project were fantastic to, the kids were so sweet and I really felt that we were needed there and that we made a difference. So all in all a beautiful and amazing experience at the Philippines.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Lombok - English teaching

The kids I taught, whom I will never forget. Originally I was meant to just be in the Kindergarden but ended up also teaching english in the high school in the afternoon. And spending time with local Indonesian people.

Comments on the team, food and accommodation:
We were a small team of volunteers (4) and that felt like being part of a team. The coordinators were amazing and very accommodating. The food was good, specially when the coordinators cooked since they were great cooks. The accommodation was great, I only had to share a room and bathroom with one other person.

Any improvements to help us be better:
I was not informed about the orientation week (it was just mention as a possibility in one of the information packages) which not only was required as very useful. This means that I only taught one week and I would have stayed longer if I knew this in advance.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Bali Teaching

The cultural experience and being able to live with locals and having the opportunity to experience the local life style. I also really enjoyed my teaching project. My highlight was teaching my grade 6 class and being able to notice an improvement in their English during my 2 weeks. This really made me happy to see that I have made a difference.

The coordinators at were very friendly and always helpful if I needed help with something. Some of the coordinators’ English wasn’t that good but communicating with them was still no issue. The food was mostly at high standards. I enjoy Indonesian food so this was no problem for me, I only would have liked more choice for breakfast. The accommodation was overall good, the bedroom was cleaned regularly and the bathroom was in good condition.

Overall my whole experience was always reaching my expectations and I would not have changed anything.

I hope this helps, I would again like to say that this was an amazing and mind-opening experience. I have learnt a lot from the locals, fellow volunteers and also the kids that I was teaching. I will never forget this and I am looking forward to volunteering again, perhaps in a different country next time.

What would you improve about this program?
I would suggest that the coordinators should give more guidelines to the volunteers as others and I were sometimes lost. But in the end we always figured it out.
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