Multiple Locations +4
  • Guatemala
    • Antigua
  • Sri Lanka
    • Galle
  • South Africa
    • Cape Town
  • Kenya
    • Nairobi
1 to 52 weeks

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Dec 21, 2019
Dec 29, 2019
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About Program

VAGT provides the most affordable medical & healthcare volunteer abroad programs. During your medical / healthcare volunteer time in La Antigua Guatemala, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Kenya. You will be working at a local clinic or hospital located 20 minutes walking from your host family. You will work with general medicine, pre, and post-surgery, gynecology, laboratory, pharmacy or psychology. The staff at the clinic and the hospital are always welcoming to volunteers!

You can choose to go into any field you are qualified for.
We have projects in:
-Elderly Care
-EMT/Paramedics/Disaster Response
-Local Clinic
- Local Hospital
- Physical Therapy

This is a sensitive program that will allow you to experience closely what is like to work alongside great doctors who do their best with little resources. You may also work in a 10-day long medical campaign as a group. You will learn about healthcare and help change people's lives by providing medical help.

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Program Highlights

  • 3-4 hours/day; Working hours are either in the morning or afternoon, depending on the Hospital's needs. If you like to work longer hours please just let us know.
  • Affordable, high social impact and cultural immersion in different countries
  • A monetary donation goes directly to the project where you will be volunteering.
  • Program available all year with minimum duration of 2 weeks.
  • Your efforts will have a positive impact because our programs are community-driven with a focus on supporting long-term local needs

Program Impact

We are committed to providing the most affordable and high social impact volunteer abroad programs. Whether you are on vacation, gap year, alternative or summer break, you can be confident your volunteer time will be safe, worthwhile and fun.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Affordable, knowledgeable and just supportive!

Affordable, knowledgeable and just supportive!

My experience as a medical volunteer and as a childcare volunteer was nothing short of amazing. Of course, my trip would not have gone as smoothly as it did without the aid of Jonathan. He was absolutely amazing and was knowledgeable about everything and anything. Not only did he play a tremendously huge part in organizing and helping me feel comfortable at the local hospital, he was also a significant part of organizing our weekend outings as well. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming -- especially the kids. I will definitely be going back!

What was your funniest moment?
Everyone was very helpful and welcoming -- especially the kids. I will definitely be going back!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing people and amazing support

My experience volunteering abroad in Antigua was, overall, a wonderful experience. From program placement, to weekend excursions, it was organized and well thought out.
Personally, after attending the clinic for a week and a half, I felt as though I wasn't doing enough to help the community, so I chose to fundraise enough money to provide medicine for those who couldn’t afford it.
Overall, my experience was wonderful, I would recommend it 10/10 if you're even slightly considering volunteering abroad! Antigua was beautiful, and I was surrounded by the kindest, happiest people I've ever met.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Review Title: Wonderful staff, great value and an amazing experience!

I volunteered with Volunteer Abroad GT for two months in 2018 (November-December) and 3 weeks in 2019 (January) in Antigua. I am a full time college student at Boston College, Massachusetts. To graduate BC, I needed to complete at least forty hours of an internship. I spent a lot of time researching opportunities online and found Volunteer Abroad GT fairly quick. I studied their web page and organization thoroughly and finally decided to pick the medicine program. I had always wanted to travel internationally and I felt that this was a good opportunity to travel and appreciate the different views of a new culture.
As soon as I applied to the program, I felt supported and valued. My personalized webpage outlined all the tasks I needed to complete before my departure as well as what to expect from my program. I was relieved to have a local staff member meet me at the airport after my travels. My host family welcomed me and instantly made me feel like a member of the house. My room was storage sufficient and nice. All food and clean water was provided. A local staff member met me Monday morning and gave me a tour of the town, my placement, and the staff office. At my work placement, I had flexible work hours. I rotated between family planning, curative, and maternal and child health. All of the staff members were welcoming and helpful in letting me be proactive in the clinic. I took weights, heights, blood pressures, blood sugars, interviewed patients, and assisted with six week checkups including vaccinations for babies.
There were plenty of opportunities to travel the country on the weekends.
The staff was helpful in answering any questions. Traveling abroad teaches one patience, resilience, confidence and problem solving. You appreciate what you have and it’s very rewarding to help those less fortunate. We may have a lot to give but they also have a lot to teach us in return. Overall, I would highly recommend Volunteer Abroad GT for volunteering/interning internationally!

What would you improve about this program?
The overall experience was great; I will definitely come back next year with a group of friends
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Yes, I recommend this program


The trip to Guatemala was the best trip of my life so far. I enjoyed immersing into the new culture, exploring nature, trying local food. I made new friends that I know will be forever in my life. And I feel great to say that I also had an opportunity to give back by being a medical volunteer.

I absolutely loved working at the local hospital, helping nurses and doctors care for postoperative patients. I gained important skills that will be useful to me in my future career as a nurse practitioner.

As a medical volunteer, I began by assisting staff during meals and patient transports. After I’ve gained more experience, I was trusted to work at the top of my scope by conducting more responsible tasks such as monitoring patients’ vital signs, changing IV fluid bags, and administering prescribed medications. During discharge, I was able to help out by translating and interpreting the physician's instructions that were written in Spanish. It was very helpful that the program offers homestay. My Spanish got even better as I had to use it all day!
Guatemala was an incredible and humbling experience, and I was fortunate to be a part of a team of current and aspiring medical workers, who gave their best to bring optimal healthcare to the less fortunate.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Real Social impact, thank you VAGT

It is a life changing experience, I was able to have what I thought was a very profound humbling experinece. This experience has made me grow as a person, not just by the experiences I had there but by being around like-minded people who also wanted to make a change.
Never once did I feel alone, even on day one. I would recommend everyone travel alone and do an experience like this helping others in vulnerable situations because you will absolutely come out a changed person for the better.
the members of the local team are so passionate for their work and go above beyond in ensuring your happiness duing your stay.
I feel so lucky to have been part of a program that cares this much i would definitely be volunteering with VAGT again.


What would you improve about this program?
Nothing to improved, everything was great...

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