Global Dental Relief: Public Health Dentistry with Kids in Guatemala

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You don't have to be a dentist to volunteer!

Our Guatemala clinic kicks off in the ancient Spanish colonial capital of Antigua, today UNESCO World Heritage site off the beaten tourist path rich with history and an exciting blend of Mayan and Spanish heritage. You'll then travel to the beautiful, rural Mayan Highlands region to help provide quality dental care and hygiene education to over 500 indigenous children in a single week, thanks to our pioneering model of care. Some clinics stay in historic Antigua to provide dental care to kids from Ciudad Vieja.

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Guatemala 2017 Trip

My trip to Guatemala was incredible. The entire planning process went smoothly and the staff at GDR were very organized, professional and timely! I have already signed up for another trip this September 2018 to Kenya. I would recommend GDR to everyone because it was nothing less than amazing! I did not know anyone prior to the trip, and once I met everyone there I noticed they were just as seevant hearted as me, welcomed me with opened arms and by the time I left I made some super awesome lifelong friends!!! GDR is a 10!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life changing to say the least

I have had my eye on Global Dental Relief since I was 13 years old and decided I wanted to be involved in the dental field. Of course, at 13 I wasn't allowed to go without someone older with me...So at 19 I finally had the resources and time to go to Guatemala with the program for 10 days.
It was my first time traveling without my mom, which was nerve-wracking, but with the help of Becky and everyone who was coordinating my trip, I made it with no issues.
My time in Guatemala was amazing in so many different ways. I was able to meet some utterly amazing people in my short time there, both volunteers and locals. Everyone attending seemed to love the work we were doing, which is so hard to come by these days. I can't emphasize the atmosphere provided. I don't think I stopped smiling the whole time I was there. Not to mention I made connections with dental and non-dental volunteers from around the world. Connections that I plan to use later in life to further myself in this field, as well as maintain friendships that began.
The pure joy I felt was provided mostly by our ability to make a difference in the children's lives. I work with children in a mobile dental clinic at home as well, but the difference in gratitude was astounding. In Guatemala, those we were able to help were just happy to be there and be given the care they needed. I spoke pretty broken Spanish but was still about to communicate and laugh with the kids. I constantly look back on the videos I took with them and smile because there was such an unspoken bond and appreciation from them, and well as from myself.
My short 10 days was life-changing. I always had a feeling that I wanted to travel and do dental work, but it was completely solidified through my experience.
This year I will be joining the Cambodia mission, and hopefully, I will be able to attend the Nepal mission in 2019. I will forever be touched, amazed, and grateful for my time with Global Dental Relief.
So looking forward to the next journey with them. :)

Check out my youtube video on my experience:
(Skip to minute 3 for the dental clinic)

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Hire me (;
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Yes, I recommend this program

Helping children in Guatemala!

I've had the honor of volunteering in three GDR clinics in Guatemala. As a non-dental volunteer I love the impact I can have on these kids lives -- children who without these clinics would have no access to dental care. Non dental volunteer make up more than 60% of the volunteers i the clinic - they teach toothbrush instructor, manage patient flow, do sterilization, assist dentists, and do fluoride varnish.

GDR has been working in Guatemala for ten years and has an amazing network of partners. The clinics are seamless, allowing volunteers to focus on the task of providing complete dental care to as many children as possible in a weeks time.

There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a child come in to the clinic in pain and leave smiling, relieved of their pain, able to eat and sleep and carry on with their lives. This is a truly special volunteer experience that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of age or profession!

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Yes, I recommend this program

GDR Guatemala

This was my first trip as a volunteer dentist. My dad has been on multiple trips around the world volunteering and several with GDR. A fantastic experience I shared as a dentist with my father and my daughter. Extremely organized. The impact of the program is evident as I saw many children who had been treated previously by GDR dentists and as a result have an improved dental health future. I would love to volunteer again anywhere in the world with GDR...very inspired!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

beautiful location with smiling faces

I can't rave enough about my experience. I most assisted as I was a senior dental student. Accommodations were quite nice. The trip was well organized. Food was delicious. Clinic was great to work in. Shopping & sightseeing were amazing as well. Highly recommend this organization.

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