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The Basic package includes 2 Weeks of Volunteering. Every project can be extended and has different rates for extension weeks. You will find them at our homepage. Please note: prices may vary slightly due to exchange rate fluctuations!
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Feb 09, 2024
May 13, 2022
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Iceland - the adventure of a lifetime - welcomes you with an almost unreal nature and its fascinating northern lights. The so-called "Island of Fire and Ice" is known for huge white glaciers, wild black lava landscapes, fiery glowing volcanoes, untouched deep green pastures, impressive waterfalls like Gullfoss and hot thermal springs. Only 29% of the island is inhabited while 11% of the land is covered with icy glaciers and 60% consists of uninhabited highlands and rocky deserts.

Iceland is wild, diverse, challenging and impressive. Parts of the volcanic island can only be accessed during the summer months. Although the landscape has little vegetation, many animals live here such as the famous Icelandic horses, sheep, reindeer, Arctic foxes, puffins, seals and minke whales.

Are you ready to face the island? To protect the unique nature RGV is committed to climate and nature protection. Help us preserve Iceland's wonders and be ready for a time and a land you will never forget.

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  • Challenge yourself! Explore Iceland - the wild Isle of Fire and Ice
  • Get individual advice and help with the organization of your entire stay
  • Accommodation and part of the meals are included
  • Receive a T-shirt from the project and an internship certificate for your resume
  • Combine 2 or more projects if you want to try different things and book an optional language course or additional excursions! Get involved with us for climate protection

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Nodern Lights Iceland

Climate change and global warming affect each and every one of us, so it is even more important that we all work together to protect our wonderful, diverse world. By volunteering in Iceland at the Nature Conservation Project, you will be making an important contribution to saving our planet. You will do a lot of outdoor work to preserve and maintain the island's fantastic nature, for example by planting trees and beach cleaning.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Climate Protection Project in Iceland

Everyday life in the volunteer project
During the first two weeks we were taught about climate change and its drastic consequences for Iceland. Our contact person on site, Sebastian, and other volunteers also organized other workshops, which helped us to have lively discussions. We also reflected on how each individual, as well as society, can help to mitigate climate change and its consequences.
A related task was to collect birch seeds that would be planted next year but would not survive the winter.
We also gathered regularly for joint beach cleanups at various beaches. This allowed us not only to put the collected knowledge into practice, but also to clean the beach from trash and plastic and do something good for the environment.

Free time and excursions
In our free time we often visited outdoor swimming pools, or looked at the impressive waterfalls and canyons. For all excursions, however, we had to calculate quite a bit of driving time, due to the many fjords.
Because of the cold weather, the road conditions were always dangerous and it quickly came to unpredictable weather changes. That's why I spent part of my island adventure on the south coast of Iceland.
My work there focused mostly on working with plants in a greenhouse. So picking mint or tomatoes was part of my daily routine, which I really enjoyed. Not only was I able to improve my knowledge of botany, but I was also able to put it into practice.

Personal conclusion
In summary, I can only say that Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen.
Apart from the high prices and the cold weather, in hindsight I can only rave about this beautiful island. From the fjords, to the waterfalls or the breathtaking canyons - Iceland has so much to offer and a unique nature and environment that I will miss very much.

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