Volunteer with Refugees in Jordan - Human Relief Foundation

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The deployment was a life changing experience. The HRF staff told me that the person whose life you will change the most is your own, and now I believe them. The week was incredible." (Sue Brooke, Volunteer)

If you’re looking to take a two footed, take-no-prisoners, eyes wide, leap into the world of fundraising. Then a deployment could be just what you’re looking for. An experience like no other, and the pinnacle of fundraising at HRF, for you cross the divide between fundraiser and humanitarian aid worker.

When you’ve completed your fundraising you’ll deploy abroad as a key member of the HRF team - distributing essential aid to those in need. It’ll provide you with the opportunity to see first-hand how your fundraising efforts change lives. Your week-long journey will involve aid distributions, an opportunity to listen to the beneficiary’s stories, and gain an intimate understanding of their everyday struggles.

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