Teaching English to Refugee Children Volunteer Program in Malaysia

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Giving a helping hand to the refugee kids by teaching English in a fun and informal way through educational games and activities.

Malaysia hosts one of the largest urban refugee populations in the world. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported the presence of 150,200 refugees and asylum seekers in the country, 90 percent of which hail from Myanmar.

Due to the lack of legal recognition means that refugees are unable to obtain residence or work permits; the refugee children are denied formal education because they cannot attend government schools. The core aims and objectives of this project are to help the the refugee children build their confidence and improve their level of English.

  • Highly valued and affordable program all year round right in the downtown of Capital City
  • Flexibility of a minimum of 1 - 12 weeks, start date every Monday
  • Endless travel options for weekend; volunteers can explore UNESCO Heritage Sites Penang or Melaka, the beautiful Island such as Redang Island or go further to Borneo for jungle trekking
  • Have fun teaching the kids and improve public speaking skill
  • Making new friendship and learning about different cultures in particular Asian traditions and customs


Volunteers can cultivate the sincere attitude of caring for the welfare and welfare of society. Youths who have a strong spirit and are concerned about the conditions of the community around them are those who are always sensitive and want to help without expecting any reply.

Being useful to others, the attitude of volunteerism has a great impact on the individual youth itself. It cultivates the easy nature of sacrifice for the better, the space for learning collectively working and sowing the feelings of love and affection among beings, regardless of appearance, religion or race.

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