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INVOLVE engages local communities in organizing meaningful volunteering and cultural holiday programs in Asia. Trusted by thousands of volunteers and people we work with, giving back to the society by offering the World's LOWEST programs' fee starts from USD9 per day in Asia. The founding principle of INVOLVE is to be aware at all times that we are engaged in an operation where the responsibility of peoples’ safety and livelihood is in our hands. We are committed to the responsibility through the safety and quality of our operations with the highest level of integrity, striving to exceed the your expectations in a proactive manner while doing so with respect to others and the environment. Our Vision is to help to the people, environmental and wildlife conservation projects in need of volunteers’ effort.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderful Experience in Malaysia

This is a very special place and the experience I had there was incredibly great! This was the first volunteer experience I had when I first started my trip in Asia and so I will always be thankful to INVOLVE for organizing such a great opportunity in Malaysia.

During my stays for 2 weeks, I taught Refugee Children age between 6-10 years old. I could tell the kids want to learn English and so much fun when we did the interactive teaching method. Some of the kids are gifted and pick up the language quickly which made me feel really happy to see improvement from day 1.

If I would choose a volunteer experience again, I would go back there again for such a great experience. I also learnt more about myself and what I am in this whole journey.

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Yes, I recommend this program


This program is what volunteer work should aspire to. I have volunteered throughout South East Asia the last few months and those programs did not provide the ability to truly connect with people. My wife and I were asked to Teach English and a few other subjects to children of refugees from Myanmar while we were in Kuala Lumpur. We taught classes for about 4-5 hours a day. It was a challenge because I had never taught before, and it was work because we were creating some lesson plans from scratch, but we were able to build connections with the children. Paul, the coordinator, was terrific. He was organized and helped integrate us into the school and the area of Kuala Lumpur we were working. In other programs there was a lot of sitting around and more "selfie" taking then real work. This was real work but it felt like I was making a difference in these kids lives and in their futures. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a rewarding experience that is both a challenge and an opportunity to change one's life. It did for me.

What would you improve about this program?
As we were some of the first volunteers in this program, I would add a little more structure to the lesson plans to make it easier for new volunteers to seamlessly pickup where former volunteers left the students in terms of lesson plans.
Yes, I recommend this program

An authentic way to be a volunteer

Thanks to Involve, Ive been volunteering in a School where I really enjoyed helping children who are so sweet, it’s a beautiful human Experience. And this is authentic, you meet Malaysian people and exchange with them all the time.
The staff would bring me all around Taiping to visit the area. Taiping is not touristy but lovely: you can treck, walk around the really nice lake garden, go to the zoo or see hornbills and monkeys in the nature.
The Homestay is super nice, clean and cheap, there is a kitchen and otherwise food is super cheap everywhere around.
I really enjoyed my time here, and it’s mainly thanks to the association staff.
I recommend this place 💯

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fun Meaningful Project with Great Value

I was nervous before going on my solo adventure to the orangutan project in Malaysia. However, as soon as I arrived I felt anxiously excited and yet very peaceful. Everyone involved in the project was so nice and welcoming. They set me up in a great home with great people and I really enjoyed my stay.
The trip was amazing, I definitely want to go back to do another. The project was well organised and I felt safe the whole time. It helped me work on the project and help other people. I had a great time bonding with the orangutan and making a difference in the lives of others.
I can't wait to go on another trip with INVOLVE!


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