Volunteer Abroad Africa: Wildlife Conservation in Africa

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You always wanted to experience Africa’s incredible biodiversity and, at the same time, contribute to conserving the breathtaking abundance of species and?

Poaching, climate change, the human-wildlife conflict – there are lots of factors that put Africa’s species at severe risk. As a volunteer, you can support ethical nature and species conservation projects and thus contribute to the preservation of unique ecosystems and endangered species.

Surrounded by wild landscapes and fascinating animals, you and your international team experience a life-enhancing time abroad and gain an amazing insight into wildlife conservation. Take a look at our wildlife conservation projects in Southern Africa, join and help to promote a sustainable and wildlife-friendly future!

  • Actively contribute to researching and conserving endangered species.
  • Acquire valuable conservation know-how.
  • Witness wild animals in their natural habitat.
  • Encounter elephants, turtles, wild dogs and other fascinating animals.
  • Experience the vast landscapes and untouched beauty of Africa.

Natucate Conservation Scholarship 2020

You want to become active in conservation work abroad and broaden your hands-on conservation know-how? You would like to volunteer and would benefit greatly from financial assistance? Then apply for a Natucate Conservation Scholarship! This way you can expand your academic knowledge and receive fundings for your educational volunteer experience! Natucate awards three 500 US$ scholarships each year. Learn more about our 2020 scholarship options

Popular Programs

Volunteer swimming with a turtle off the Mauritian coast

Become a volunteer in breathtaking Mauritius and gain an incomparable insight into marine research and conservation! Based in a beautiful private nature reserve in Southeast Mauritius, you and your international volunteers team head out to different work sites each day to perform various conservation tasks. This way, you can contribute to the preservation of endangered bird, reptile and mammal species and, at the same time, explore the island nation’s rich biodiversity. Learn more

Drone shot showing a beautiful beach on North Island, Seychelles

Take part in this fascinating volunteer project on North Island and actively contribute to nature and wildlife conservation in the Seychelles. You and your international volunteer team help restore the original ecosystem of the island by applying different renaturation measures, including sea turtle monitoring. Experience a true tropical jewel in the Indian Ocean and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience as a conservation volunteer. Learn more

Tortoise on a beach on Cousin Island, Seychelles

You always wanted to experience a true island paradise and, at the same time, do something good and contribute to nature and species conservation? Then take a look at this fascinating volunteer project on magnificent Cousin Island, located in the Seychelles archipelago! Together with you fellow volunteers, you will help with different conservation tasks – the project's focus is primarily on sea turtles and sea birds. Learn more about your time in paradise.

Wild dog in a South African savannah

Volunteer in South Africa and become involved in the conservation of the wilderness and protection of endangered wild animals. Located in a game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, you will head out into the bush each day to assist in endangered species conservation. You and your team will learn how to locate wild animals, how to read their tracks and how to document their behaviour. Explore South Africa' never-ending expanses and help protect the wildlife that lives in it!

Image of a lion in South Africa's Western Cape

Join a fascinating volunteer project in South Africa’s Western Cape, experience real conservation work and go on a journey you'll never forget! During your time as a volunteer, you help preserve endangered wildlife and ecosystems by becoming active in fence and wildlife monitoring, reserve maintaining, amphibian research as well as White Rhino dominance and territoriality research. Learn more about your conservation adventure in South Africa!

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