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Why choose Natucate?

Natucate – our name intentionally combines the English words ‘nature’ and ‘(to) educate’, because it is our aim to reconcile nature and education. We offer educational wilderness courses, internships, sabbaticals and voluntary service abroad with a focus on nature, environmental and wildlife conservation as well as animal protection.

Natucate’s primary concern is to offer projects that fully comply with our corporate philosophy, especially regarding high sustainability standards. Recommended as an ethic agency for voluntary work by Campaign Against Canned Hunting, we consider it as our responsibility to carefully select our partners. Signing the strict code of conduct is a signal against misusing the help of volunteers for the canned hunting industries’ interests. Because we believe that direct wildlife interaction does not benefit the welfare of the animals and implies a risk to the volunteers’ safety we also speak out against projects which allow direct contact with wild animals.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Wildness is not a place - it´s a way of living.

I became African addicted years ago and travelled several times to different southern African countries as a „normal“ tourist. When I got the chance to use the time between 2 jobs I decided to do something MORE …and… a Level 1/Field Guide Course is more than more.

The 55 days program is a very intensive time out in the Bush. Wildlife, Nature and fascinating animal-encounters increased my heartbeat. I’ve been constantly outside for weeks = super!!! The night sky with 2.500 Stars makes you more than wow and when you encounter one of the Big 5 on foot… this it´s a double wow… no it´s a triple ;-)

During the course I’ve learned a lot about Astronomie, Animal-behaviour, Birds (and their calls) and much, much more. After a while you´re realizing that everything linked, nature works as a fine balanced system and you see the Savanna with different eyes.

Daniels Team around Natucate provided an excellent service and kept me always in the loop on what I had to organize before and during the course. Out there is much more to discover than Facebook. I say: Do it!!! and we might meet because I´ll definitely go back…

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Yes, I recommend this program

Wilderness Experience - Field Guide Level 1

During the 55 days Field Guide Level 1 course I stayed in Selati and Mashatu and experienced a whole new world for myself! In between jobs, I decided to do something completely different than my usual office work to clear off my head and boy – was that different!

In a small team of 9 students, we learned all about navigating, surviving in the African bush and understanding the environment that surrounded us. We spotted so many amazing animals on our game walks and drives like lions, elephants, hyena, rhinos and my personal highlight – an African fish eagle (somehow the variety of birds really got to me). I was amazed about how fast our small group grew together during the lectures we learned and our time in the bush. Also the support our guide gave us during the stay was very good as he was a patient teacher and you could tell that he was passionate about the African nature. Together we focused on the things our guide showed us and learned step by step to identify the sounds of different animals, got to know their tracks and followed them to find their creator.

At first I have to say that I was a little nervous during the nights, as I grew up in a city with traffic noise and sirens during the night so it was completely new (and unsettling) to me to listen to nature and wild animals while falling asleep. After a While I got used to it and actually enjoyed the peaceful sounds:) In the end it was a once in a lifetime experience and if I got the chance, I would totally do it again!

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Yes, I recommend this program

NATUCATE also stands for great support - they are a great team around Daniel Kaul

I can highly recommend Daniel and his team when planning to spend some valuable time abroad. They are enthusiastic about what they are doing, provide you with the necessary information to plan a successful stay abroad and support you no matter if you are still at home or already abroad.
In my case I knew I could rely on Daniel and his team at all times - when there occurred a transportation problem from Johannesburg to one of the camps the other day, Daniel essentially helped to get things settled from back home in Germany.
Also he was never tired to answer all my questions ;-) even if he must have heard them a thousand times before ;-)
:-) :-) :-)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Turtle Conservation Costa Rica

First of all it is amazing that you live and work right next to or rather on the beach! Moreover you arrive in a super relaxed atmosphere and you are surrounded by a dazzling green nature, delicious fruit and fascinating animals. But of course another highlight of the turtle conservation projects is … the turtles!! You really get to know the conservation work in the hatchery as you take care of it during the day or during the night shifts – mostly in a team of two. The nights are definitely exciting as you keep watch of the hatchery and need to scare off wild animals that try to eat the buried eggs (raccoons, crabs …). Moreover during the nights the chances are higher for the beach patrol team to find a turtle that is laying its eggs on the beach or at least her tracks that often leads to a nest. If that is the case, the eggs are excavated and brought to the hatchery, where they are buried in a safer environment (no tourists, wild animals, poachers or incoming tide). The benefit is, that more turtles are likely to hatch and as you release them on the beach again and watch them crawl to the sea, also less are eaten by other animals. It is a unique experience to stand by the sea at night and watch those really tiny turtles make their way into the waves!

The camps in Montezuma and Sámara are not luxurious and you need to prepare for sand in the house as well as basic facilities! Moreover Sámara is more like an outdoor adventure, as there is no electricity and a really open house on a remote beach. It also took me quite a few days to get used to the occasional gallo pinto breakfast (basically rice and beans), as I usually don´t have such solid meals for breakfast! :D

In the end I am really glad that I participated in the projects as I met so many nice people in the projects as well as around the country and it was a really good and unique conservation experience in a stunning environment! I would definitely go again, if I had the chance:)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Hi there! I spent 3 weeks in Cosa Rica with NATUCATE and had an amazing time :) I am an outdoor and animal lover. Spending time supporting a conservation project was the perfect way for me to start my gap year after I graduated from High School. It definitley helped me with the decison on what to study. Having spent three weeks in this wonderful place made me realise that our environment is so important but also so fragile that it needs protection, which is why i decided to sign in for a bachelor degree in Biology.

My three weeks in Costa Rica went by way to quick and I made a lot of new friends. The accommodation is simply but the view to the beach, the good food and wonderful sunsets pay off the hard work! You definitley should not be afraid of crabs! You will see a lot while you try to prevent them to get to the turtle eggs!

I think September is a good time to travel to volunteer at the project because this is the time when you will see a lot of turtles :)


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Theda Knyphausen

Job Title
Managing Director Botswana

Theda, tell us about yourself.

I founded CONSAFARITY in 2013 and moved to Botswana in 2013 - one of the best decisions!

I have been a member of the NATUCATE team since 2016, and spend most of the year in Botswana. Traveling has always been a passion for me and since I fell in love with southern Africa I'm using every free minute to explore the bush and the places I have not yet visited.

I can provide volunteers with valuable information about what to do, where to go, and what should not be missed!

What is your favorite travel memory?

There are so many beautiful memories that I wouldn’t know which one to choose!

Sitting on a horse and cantering over the open floodplains in the Okavango Delta next to buffalo is a favorite. Another would be an encounter with a group of meerkats, watching them is such a pleasure! As a group, they apparently felt very self-confident and started coming closer to me and were very curious. I felt like I was the one being observed!

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

That would definitely be our Horseback Adventure in Argentina – the best way to explore nature and to be part of it is either on a horse or on foot and I have always wanted to visit South America.

Of course, the projects taking part in Botswana and South Africa are some of my favorite projects as well, but if I have the chance I would also like to give another country a chance, explore a new place and get to know a new culture.

I am in love with Botswana and it will be tough to beat, but the combination of a horseback tour, mountains, and wide open land does sound very convincing!

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

We offer only high-quality programs where the maintenance of natural habitats is combined with good education and the best opportunity for personal development.

Only out in nature and by using our hands, mind, and heart we can learn that we are part of it all and that we have to take responsibility.

Furthermore, we offer very personalized customer service and take care of each and every participants' wishes and needs. I’m always proud of our team!

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

I believe that having clear goals is one key factor. Transparency and good communication – Internal and external is another important factor as well.

Trying to reach a goal is tough from time to time, but as a team it can be reached much quicker and with less effort than working for yourself. This is one aspect I started to realize when I joined the NATUCATE team - as a team, we can collect many more ideas and are much more creative, but also can learn from one another's experiences and follow our goals and ideas with much more strength of purpose.