Volunteer with Animals & Learn Spanish in Mexico City with MVE

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Volunteers on the Animal Care project in Mexico will either work with a small farm with a variety of small and big animals, or with a local dog shelter. This project is for animal lovers only. You'll really have contact with our furry pals, helping the farm owners take care of them, or help them give us the resources they provide us in farm, this program is perfect if you're into veterinary or animals in general.

By choosing MVE, you get accommodation, 3 meals everyday, airport pickup, in-country support 24/7 from one of us at the house, and the opportunity to use your free time as you wish, including receiving Spanish lessons at the volunteer house.

  • Spend time with animals.
  • Have fun at one of our local shelters.
  • Travel to a whole different country.
  • Explore the largest city in the world: Mexico City.
  • Learn more about animals, Spanish and even about you.


The impact you have within the farm animals and dogs is huge, mostly because you help the people that work there and that allows them to save more lives.

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