World Unite! Volunteering in Myanmar

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Welcome to the land of the golden pagodas and breathtaking natural vistas! Many travelers experience Myanmar (also "Burma") as pristine as no other country in tropical Asia. Our main location in Myanmar is the former capital of Yangon (also: Rangun), which is the country's urban and cultural centre. However, we also arrange internships and volunteering options in other cities of the country, and in rural areas.

Our internship and volunteering options in Myanmar include:

* Sustainable organic farming and environmental conservation
* Reduction of and education about plastic waste
* Event and campaign management
* Social work, nursing and medical aid at a Buddhist Center
* Urban renewal, renovation of buildings and architecture
* Hotel and tour operator internships
* Arts, Marketing, Design and Empowerment of local artists

  • Expand your intercultural skills by working closely together with people from your host country
  • Gain experience in your field of interest and get a different perspective by doing an internship abroad
  • Dedicate your time and skills to a good cause by volunteering in one of our charitable projects
  • Explore the naturals wonders and beautiful sights of Myanmar in your free time

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