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Kids waiting to learn to brush their teeth!
End of trip "fun day" to sandboard and ride ATVs.
Reality tour.


MEDLIFE offers a variety of volunteer trips that give students a chance to make a difference in Latin America in the areas of health, infrastructure development, and education. As a volunteer, you will have the unique experience of getting to know and work side-by-side with residents of shantytowns and rural communities. Our Mobile Clinics provide a full range of medical attentions and medications free of charge, and our year-round patient follow-up program ensures that our patients continue to receive help after your week of service is over. MEDLIFE volunteer trips provide volunteers with invaluable experience shadowing doctors, assisting in triage, pharmacy, and education, as well as constructing a community infrastructure project that will benefit hundreds of people. You will also have the opportunity to explore the fascinating culture and natural wonders of Peru.

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Hi Katerin, The cost of participating in a one week Service Learning Trip is $990 USD. This fee covers all meals Monday through Friday (the participant is responsible for meals over the weekend), in-country transportation (including airport pick-up and drop-off on the Service Learning Trip start and end dates) and lodging (eight nights) during the Service Learning Trip. It also provides funding...


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Yes, I recommend this program

MEDLIFE Lima, Peru

The first day of the volunteer was a brief overview of the program and a tour of the city we were staying at. Cristian and Lucho were the instructors for the week I was there. They were able to show us around the city and places to get groceries or toiletries or anything we needed during the week.

After orientation, there was a "reality tour" given. We were brought to the villages of the people who we were going to help out at. It was an eye opener for me. The smell in the air from the garbage being burned was unbearable but it made me appreciate life back at home. Stray dogs were everywhere and you can see a difference from the city to villages.

Each day of the work week were split up into medicine, education, and community development. Some tasks included taking blood pressures, height, weight, building a staircase, and even educating the people on diseases.

I enjoyed every minute of clinic but it was nice that once the work day was over, the volunteers had the opportunity to explore Lima or relax.

The food given to us was great! It was absolutely delicious and it was nice to get a sense of the culture.

Some difficulties I encounter on my trip would be the language barrier since I did not speak any Spanish. I would suggest knowing some form of Spanish if deciding to go on this trip.

What would you improve about this program?
I would change how the instructors treated the kids who were not familiar with spanish. I felt that they were not doing the best to encourage the volunteers about the language barrier.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best week of my life!

I had a great time getting to know the other students on my trip and working together with local people. The tour was really eye-opening because I had never seen poverty like that, especially so close to the nice part of Lima. I really like how MEDLIFE emphasizes sustainability and patient followup so you know they will continue to help people after you leave. There were a few snags and problems with organization but I thought they dealt with it well overall.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Mobile Clinics in Peru

I volunteered for a Mobile Clinic in Peru and it was a truly great experience. We were able to work first hand with the communities doing everything from teaching children how to brush their teeth to more serious patient analysis. We also got to take part in the construction of a staircase in an area that had no real path or road access. Although the program was short, it was concentrated and I feel like I really helped out.


MEDLIFE is a grassroots network of students working to bring Medicine, Education and Development to low income families everywhere. Through Mobile Clinics and community development projects, we collaborate with poor communities to identify their...