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Volunteering your skills abroad has tremendous potential to change the world while making you more employable as a result. Here at MovingWorlds, we call that Experteering.

When you sign up to become a member with us here at MovingWorlds.org, you enter into the realm of endless opportunity. Our highly-specialized platform provides you with hundreds of free volunteer opportunities across the world in exchange for your skills. If for some reason you have a difficult time finding a project that fits right for you, let us know. We will set you up with a member of our matching team so that together, we can find you the perfect fit.

Gain invaluable work and life experiences in the Philippines by working on innovative business models to tackle global poverty alleviation. Experteering gives you the chance to make a significant impact and expand your horizon of knowledge, all while having a life-changing and impactful trip along the way!

Caeer Growth for Social Impact Fellowship — Now Accepting Applications

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