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In Spain, Galgos – Spanish greyhounds - are used primarily to hunt hares in the countryside. As “hunting dogs” these dogs are not seen as companion animals and often have difficult lives filled with neglect and abuse. Falling under the category of agricultural animals, they are not protected by Spanish law or given the same level of care that other house animals receive. And once their ability to chase and help with the hunt declines, most of these dogs are abandoned - many culled in horrific and cruel ways.

Our rescued Galgos are given medical care, physiotherapy, aqua-therapy, socialization and love until they can be adopted. This centre adopts these rehabilitated dogs to new homes all over the world, including places as far away as Norway and Canada.

Volunteers assess and treat sick and injured dogs and cats, socialize the dogs, take part in feeding times, clean and help build around the centre!

  • Hands on work with rescued dogs.
  • Independent program means you eat what you want, when you want.
  • Live in a cabin at the centre by yourself- no sharing! :)
  • Live an hour from the sea, the mountains or great shopping.
  • State of the art doggie rehabilitation program including lasers and hydrotherapy (not at the same time).


The plight of the galgos is a serious one, and there are many dogs that are in need of rescue. Each animal that you help reduces the amount of fear and suffering for the galgos. But we recognize that the problem needs to be addressed at a much higher level. The group hopes to help change Spain's legal system, which currently does not recognize galgos as companion animals. Because of current legislation, the welfare of the galgos is not considered as important as other dog breeds. They are making significant progress through their educational campaign and social media outreach. This centre is a voice for change and you will be part of this mission as well. We aren't just looking for volunteers to help the galgos during their time at the centre, we are looking for global advocates who will help these animals by spreading the message of love, and care and required changes to legislation!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Galgos in Spain

Galgos in Spain was a life changing experience.
Of course travelling alone was scary at first and I did experience homesickness the first couple days. However, Nora (staff of AEI) and Charlotte (Founder of 112 Carlota Galgos) were both so helpful during this time and made me feel more comfortable and able to enjoy myself.
Charlotte is an incredible person who has dedicated her life to helping these galgos which was incredibly inspiring to see and be able to be a part of.
The entire experience was amazing and getting to spend all this time with dogs was a dream, They are incredibly gentle which was amazing, after all they have been through.
I couldn't have imagined this experience being any better and it has made an impact on me that will last a life time. I strongly encourage any dog lovers to go on this adventure, you will not regret it!

What would you improve about this program?
It couldn't be better.