Prithipura Communities: Disability Volunteering
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Prithipura Communities: Disability Volunteering

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities?

Prithipura Communities offers volunteer placements at all four of our locations in Sri Lanka. We have opportunities for people already experienced at working with people with disabilities such as teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists.

In addition we can also provide volunteer opportunities for people who may not have any qualifications but a genuine desire to support those in need.

We offer a unique experience for volunteers to be part of our community and be fully immersed in Sri Lankan life and culture as well as making a difference to those who live with us.

Sri Lanka
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We do not charge volunteers who work with us. Food and accomodation is provided.

Volunteers are expected to pay for their own airfare, travel/medical insurance, visa and internal travel in Sri Lanka.

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I've worked at Prithipura for 3 months. These months were amazing. The staff is very friendly and funny. Everybody is happy that you are there to help and to meet you. I helped them with the daily routine and toke care of the kids. The workingdays are long but because of the atmosphere at Prithipura, the children and adults makes it worth it. You will get free food, a rove about your head in a nice room and a lot of fun with everybody. I loved my time at Prithipura!

How can this program be improved?

More staff and volunteers are better because everybody is working really hard.

Yes, I recommend
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i would definetly do it again...:)

this was my first Project ever i volunteered for and it was a really good choice! first of all you are welcomed in a very friendly way, so you nearly feel a bit like home, but what is even more important is that your help is really needed there!!! work can sometimes be very exausting but you are rewarded with the smiles of the Kids and you make the working life for the staff a lot easier as well :) i volunteered there as physiotherapist and also had to help in the daily Routine work such as feeding and cleaning. to get in contact is quite easy and you get amazing Food and a clean room in the volunteer area for free. you only have to pay for your flight, your visa and your travel insurance. to sum it all up i made great experiences there, i got a new perspective on working with People who have dissabilities in a new Environment, i met a lot of People and became friends with them and even been in prithipura three times within my travelling from summer 2013 to winter 2014 so i just can highly recommend to go there :) !!!

How can this program be improved?

more staff and more volunteers and if you cant volunteer they would also appreciate a donation to pay the staff, the Food, the bills and the local therapists!

Yes, I recommend
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great time

I had a great and rewarding time in the Prithipura Infants home in Sri Lanka! We had a lot of fun with other volunteers and the staff. I worked there as a physiotherapist. There are so many childreen, so you have the feeling, that your work is really needed. If I would have chance to go there, I would do it again. It is a really friendly and warmth organisation! I also helped with the feeding of the childreen and cleaning.

How can this program be improved?

With more volunteers and more staff.

Yes, I recommend
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More volunteers needed!!!

With over 80 residents at Prithi and less than 20 regular staff, the work is full-on and more help is needed! Despite their gruelling workload the staff are supportive, friendly and always happy. The children are a joy and I cannot wait to return.

How can this program be improved?

Resources. The program needs more resources in order to be able to cater better for residents, staff and volunteers alike.

Yes, I recommend

About Prithipura Communities

Prithipura Communities is an organisation that operates from 4 locations in Sri Lanka supporting children and adults with disabilities who for various reasons have no family support and are unable to live by themselves.

Existing for 50 years,...