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Teaching in a rural school Nepal
Teaching in a rural school Nepal


Schools around the world come in many shapes and sizes, from a small grass-roots school in Kenya with some 50 children learning in a wooden shelter, to a small rural school in a delightful part of Mexico, to a large secondary school with over 500+ students in the Himalaya of Nepal.

What they have in common is a love of volunteers, to bring enthusiasm, energy and native English speaking skills to their students. Some may need the added teaching capacity and welcome those volunteers with the confidence to lead a small class of an appropriate educational standard, while others welcome volunteers to act as teaching assistants.

It is not always about teaching English, although your native skills will be highly valued for the opportunity it gives young children to practice their English, both inside and outside of lessons.

Our role at Outreach is to match you to the right school, so you can be confident of being in a school setting where you can confidently deliver.

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