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No programme administration fees – you shouldn’t have to pay to volunteer!
Volunteers pay for their plane ticket to Khartoum and SVP takes care of the rest
May 11, 2017
May 05, 2013
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The Sudan Volunteer Programme (SVP) is looking for English Native speakers to facilitate conversational English language classes in Sudan.

About Us
Over the last 18 years, SVP has sent hundreds of native English speakers to teach at public universities all over Sudan. We collaborate with the Sudanese Ministry of Higher Education to complement English Language curriculum and focus on speaking and listening components.

•No programme administration fees – you shouldn’t have to pay to volunteer!
•The host institution provides the volunteer with accommodation and stipend equivalent to the local wage for a teaching assistant.
•Rapidly learn or improve Arabic language skills.
•Work in a very friendly, safe and fascinating culture at the intersection of the Middle East and Africa.
•Extensive introductory and acclimatisation literature.
•First step in an international career.
•Gain first-hand experience in a geo-strategic development context.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sudan really is very friendly!

Teaching in a university. Very much make what you can of it. Start English clubs, start lessons to fill the knowledge gap of basic English you are likely to find. I ended up attempting to teach Hamlet as it was on their syllabus and they were struggling- not the best idea!
I was alone in town for almost half my stay. This was tough, but my colleagues and many people I met were very friendly and welcoming. It was easy to find extra work to keep busy and people to visit and eat with. Many volunteers are placed together and I lived with another volunteer for the other half- which was great. We really got to be part of a community.
It is hot, like really hot.
Be prepared to have everyone greet you on the street or shout "khawaja"- "foreigner" at you. They're just surprised.
Islamic culture, so long clothes for women, no alcohol (unless you know where to look for it), very different gender relations. But generally people are friendly and eager to share their culture with you rather than make you feel unwelcome.

What would you improve about this program?
It's actually been a year since I did it and from what I've heard they've made the support from the charity on the ground much stronger and there are more volunteers.
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Questions & Answers

Dear Mariajosé - many thanks for your message: if you have lived & been educated in an anglophone country that will be fine. In any case it would be good to chat on WhatsApp or Skype. Best wishes David David Wolton Sudan Volunteer Programme 34 Estelle Road London NW3 2JY +44 7910 940 819 www.svp-uk.org skype davidwolton whatsapp +44 7910 940 819

Dear Joseph - its not a question of 'condone' which I think means that it's an offence to travel to Sudan. It's not an offence. Sudan is safe, friendly and the people are not hostile to Westerners - quite the contrary. Most families have relatives living in the West and when they can they travel to see them. All are eager to learn or practise their English.