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    • Hua Hin
2 to 12 weeks

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Age Min.
Year Round
Small Group (1-15) Medium Group (16-30)


Price Details
1 week: $1700 Canadian
2 weeks: $2000 Canadian
3 Weeks: $2199 Canadian
4 weeks: $2385 Canadian
8 weeks: $3160 Canadian
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Domestic Airfare Equipment Meals Some Activities Transportation Travel Insurance
What's Not Included
Airfare Domestic Airfare SIM cards Some Activities Some Meals Visa Wifi
Jun 21, 2019
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About Program

Wild animals in Thailand are experiencing pressures from many sources – loss of habitat, hunting, the illegal pet trade, use of animals by the entertainment industry, and cruelty and abuse by people. In an attempt to help native wildlife this organization runs several projects including hands-on wildlife rescue, medical care, wildlife rehabilitation, community education and research. Built on temple land, the centre provides the animals with a huge plot of forest to shelter in during their rehabilitation, or for some to live in for the rest of their lives.

At the centre you can find many species of macaques, gibbons, civets, loris, small and big cats (leopards and tigers), bears, crocodiles and birds. The animals receive medical treatment when necessary and are nursed back to health with the goal always being to release them into the wild if possible. Animals that cannot be reintroduced to the wild can spend the rest of their lives in a sanctuary.

Prepare to get messy!

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Program Highlights

  • Hands on work with orangutans, hornbills and sunbears!
  • No experience necessary. All volunteers are trained on safe and ethical wild animal handling techniques.
  • Live at the site for easy commute from bed to animals in no time! :)
  • All meals are included, you don't need to worry about cooking.
  • Accredited and safe animal sanctuary work. There is absolutely no elephant riding or selfies with chained tigers.

Program Impact

The rescue centre cares for six species of gibbon, five species of macaque, lorises, two species of langur, two species of bear, small wild cats, various civet species, reptiles, otters, birds and many more. All the animals you will see around the center have been rescued from poor living conditions, saved from the illegal wildlife trade, the pet industry, the tourism and entertainment industry, or directly from the wild, where they may have been victims of road traffic accidents, dog attacks or other human caused accidents. The work can be challenging - it can be difficult to see how the animals have suffered - but in the end it is tremendously rewarding to be part of the solution. The animals at the centre are released back into the wild or can live the rest of their lives in a safe environment, as close to nature as possible, and are provided the best care possible with the help of volunteers like you.

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