Orphanage Volunteer Program in Ukraine

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Spend your time with orphan kids and explore our beautiful country. As a volunteer on this project there are going to be loads of different activities you can get involved with. You can help teach English to kids of all ages, play with the children so they gain confidence and learn to interact better with other people as well as arranging extra classes such as dance/music/drama and sports. You can also help with the day-to-day running of the orphanage, getting involved wherever help is needed. It is also really crucial to communicate the importance of protecting the environment to the children through whatever creative and informative methods you can come up with because, as time goes by, it will fall to them to really help conserve the Ukraine’s fertile plains, woodlands and National Parks. Your help for these children gives them an opportunity for a better life in the future. We have partnerships with several orphanages where you can volunteer.

Consider your impact: This program has been flagged under orphan care / street children. The funding from donations and organizations offering ‘voluntourism’ placements attracts child traffickers and puts children in danger by commodifying institutional care. Learn More

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