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African Impact Volunteer in Africa

African Impact is a multi-award winning volunteer travel organisation operating responsible and sustainable volunteer projects and internship programs throughout Africa. We have 10 years' experience and have facilitated over 10,000 volunteers in 12 countries across the continent! We seek to maximise the positive impact of voluntourism in Africa, both for volunteers and for communities and conservation efforts.

To us, volunteering is a two-way thing. It's not just about the hands-on help and skills that volunteers bring; it's also about what this amazing continent, its people and its wildlife can give those volunteers in return. We take a holistic approach to the implementation and running of our projects; always aiming to integrate ourselves into every level of the community working from grass roots to local governments. We have a core emphasis on learning and empowerment - changing the lives of people in the communities we impact, our volunteers and all African Impact staff.