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African Impact is a multi-award winning volunteer travel organisation which runs and manages meaningful and responsible volunteer experiences and internship programs throughout Africa. The organisation was founded in 2004 in Zimbabwe, and since then has grown into the Africa leaders in volunteer tourism, having facilitated over 12,000 volunteers and interns in 12 countries across the continent.

We're proud to offer fun, safe and structured placements where volunteers understand their contribution to responsible projects run in partnership with local communities and conservation efforts. Our journey so far has been both inspiring and humbling and we will keep pushing the horizons of what volunteering can achieve.

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  • Wendy Suter
    Age: 19-24
    Quito, Ecuador
    The Big 5 Conservation Program at Thanda Reserve

    I was part of African Impact's conservation program for one month and I have to say that I wish I could have stayed more time! The time there goes by so fast. My day started at 6 am going in an early drive of 3 hours and when we got back we had other tasks to work on- i was planning a lesson for a group of students at a primary school. Then we would have lunch at 12 pm and after that we had another drive from 1 pm-4 pm; at 6:30 pm we had dinner and then we would have different things to do every day- some presentations, game night, movie night.

    Everything was perfect! I will say one of my highlights of being there was when we could presentiate the speed of two cheetah brothers while hunting. We could see them eating an impala just by the fence! it was amazing. There is also the youth program were you could choose to go any Tuesday to a village near to play with the kids and entertain them, talking about you, and teaching them about conservation.

    On the weekends you get the option to go on a trip or to go to places nearby like the cat rehabilitation center where you get to touch a cheetah or to the elephant interaction, 5 min away from the lodge. If you are planning to go for this program at the end you will want to stay more time there! the people at the lodge are amazing and they make you feel like it's your second home. I highly recommend this program!

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  • Zoe Parry
    Age: 19-24
    Carlisle - England
    A None Stop Buzz On Happiness

    From the moment i arrived i felt welcome in the community. After introductions i was shown a presentation that outlined the things African Impact had already achieved and their future aims. Its safe to say after this presentation i was absolutely BUZZING to get to project.

    First stop was teaching the Masai to read and write in Swahili you will never meet a more friendly group of people. Their main concern is making sure your welcome and they are so eager to learn its brilliant to see and to be apart of.

    Second Stop was teaching the young children shapes and colours. Lots of singing, dancing and smiley faces, an excellent way to finish the morning.

    After lunch it was off to the Wazee or now i would say off to visit my 15 adopted grand parents. They truly were the highlight of my volunteering experience. Hearing how the Wazee was before African Impact arrived and how the wazee is now this really does show how much of a positive impact the project is having on the local community.

    On a Friday i attended a woman's group and if your interested in learning about the African culture in depth and learning about what their opinion is on what can sometimes be difficult subjects this is an excellent way to learn. I learnt many things about the African Culture during the group discussions that i never would have learned without attending this project. Its an excellent opportunity to ask questions relating to the subject being discussed and expand your knowledge base.

    The house has an excellent atmosphere. The event nights are always good fun and a great way to get to know who you living with. The staff cook excellent food and your constantly looked after. Gill, Aoife & Alex make sure your welcome and are always there to give a helping hand if needed.

    I cant recommend this volunteering experience enough. It's the best thing i've ever done and i'm so delighted i've been able to help out. I helped for 2 weeks but even in that 2 weeks i saw what a difference i made its such a rewarding experience. So if your worried your not going to make much of a difference in 2 weeks honestly you'll be amazed at how much of a difference you can make i certainly was.

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  • Nellie
    Age: 31-50
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Amazing experience!

    During my 4w stay in Msaranga, Moshi, I got to be part of a variaty of projects and other activities! I worked in the elderly home, with the cutest children & with fun Maasai friends all together with helpful staff! Amazing all in all!

    Weekends were never boring as there were many excursions to choose from like going on safari, walking up the hillside of mount Kilimanjaro, visiting a coffeeplant village, learning about the Chagga culture, etc. I filled my weekend with all above and enjoyed every minute of it!

    I didn't know what to expect as working as a volunteer was totally new to me, but all in all I it surpassed all of what I could've expected. When I got back home to Sweden, where it was snow and cold weather, I still felt warm inside. I talked to and still talk to as many as possible about my experience. Anybody can do this! Single, in a family with kids, young or old. Just do it!

    How could this program be improved?

    In future I believe the projects could benefit more if African impact had more interaction with the coming volunteed before the project started. If the volunteer has any good qualities to utilize that can be incorperated in the education.

    Maasai class
    Education with lovely children
    I mix of energetic children and hand with newly created bracelets. 
Top right we have Maria living at the elderly home together with project coordinator Alex.
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  • Julka
    Age: 19-24
    Haarlem, The Netherlands

    From the second of Februari till the second of March, I was volunteering with African Impact. It has been an incredible experience. Not only because of the cute kids, banana trees, warm sun and amazing view, but mostly because you're really making an impact in this community. When I was searching in Holland for volunteering programms, I absolutely did not wanted to join an organisation which was set up only to make profit. African Impact is nothing like that and I would definately recommend this volunteering organisation. You may be in Moshi for just 4 weeks, like me, but those 4 weeks are part of a 20 week curriculum. Within those 20 weeks, all the topics and grammar will be covered. This is what I wanted to do, taking part in a program with a clear structrue and a heart for the community. Not just learning the kids the alphabet over and over again. From the beginning of the day till the end, you'll be busy with the projects. It is hard work and the different projects take a lot of preparation time, but in the end I felt so much more satisfied with what I achieved. This is what I signed up for and African Impact completly lived up to my expectations. The staff is really helpfull and I felt safe all the time while staying with African Impact. Also I got experiences and connections with people whom I wouldnt be able to connect so closely, if I arrived in Tanzania as just a plain tourist. Believe me, you won't regret your decision!

    How could this program be improved?

    I would love to see a better Kiswahili-English dictionary in the volunteer house. This helps so much during the lesson preparations and connecting with the community itself.

    Ceremonial Jumping with the Maasai.
    Teaching the kids at Nursery school.
    Reading tekst at Matumaini Mapya, the tourism project in Moshi.
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  • Kath D
    Age: 51 or older
    Auckland, New Zealand
    University of Southern Queensland
    Photography project of a lifetime!

    What a fantastic way to learn and practise wildlife photography! The best experience out of my many best experiences here in Vic Falls was staying out in Zambezi National Park Cottages, with wildlife wandering past. The first day I couldn't get enough of photographing the baboons climbing on the roof and peering through the (barred!) windows, but I have to say it was the elephants that stole my heart. Sitting at the table on the porch and watching a herd of elephants wander past between us and the Zambezi river around 60m away was amazing. Even more amazing was peering cautiously around the edge of the house at a massive elephant feeding on ivory nuts by head-butting an ilala tree RIGHT next to the cottage! And I learnt so much about photography - there was a professional photographer who basically custom-designed a programme for me. We went and took photos of the vulture-feeding at Safari Lodge, hung out at the Vic Falls Golf Course to practise on birds and antelope, did Victoria Falls at dawn, and then I got some great editing tuition on Lightroom. Oh - and I haven't mentioned walking with lions, visiting the local orphanage, giving a lesson on lion conservation at the local primary school (outside under a tree), and going for game counts in Zambezi National Park. Oops... running out of room, but programme is flexible, and staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and safety-conscious. What do I remember most? Sitting at the table on the porch after dinner and seeing hyaena and genet wander around the corner of the cottage. Actually, so many memories (all recorded on my camera). It's made my photography leap ahead, actually - but I spent hours and hours on the photos after the trip, doing a photobook, and choosing a few photos to print. Great experience!

    How could this program be improved?

    It would have been great if there were a few more photography volunteers to share photos and tips with.

    Vic Falls rainbow
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