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We are just a handful of passionate people working hard to help volunteers and local communities around the world. We don't have huge overheads - no company cars, no downtown office - we're just volunteers who thought we could do a better job. We work with local organisations wherever we can to keep administration costs to a minimum and also to return as much money and skills to the local communities where we operate. We can offer the lowest possible fees, but also ensure that you are immersed in the local culture and are actually making a difference!

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  • Karine
    Age: 19-24
    Montreal Canada
    Concordia University
    My week in Cherkassy

    I just finished my week in Ukraine, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. So much that I plan on coming back for 5 weeks when I am done school this year. I had been looking forward to volunteering in Ukraine for a while now and my coordinator was very fast at answering any questions I had at least two months prior to my arrival. My week was very organized, I got to do so much for the time I had, see children from different orphanages, visit the area, enjoy plenty of the local food and plan activities for the children. Another aspect of this trip is that, other than my love for Ukraine as a country and its beautiful culture, I was amazed by the children's view of happiness and their profound respect for one another. They were caring, grateful, protective, always smiling and very loving. All they wanted was to play and enjoy their afternoons together. It was so precious and simple. I also got to teach English and, my Ukrainian/Russian grammar being far from perfect, my coordinator Alex acted as a translator and everyone was very helpful and understanding when he was not around. As there were different types of orphanages, children differed on mental levels or physical illnesses, but I could never tell, because you'd be surprised how much children can communicate simply with a smile or a laugh ! It is the most rewarding feeling. All together it was a truly touching experience and I plan on keeping in touch, sending toys, crafts and pictures during the year (they promised to show me pictures of their art) and am very excited to make new memories with them in 10 short months !!!

    Karine Wlasichuk, Montreal, Canada Autumn, 2015

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  • Joy
    Age: 25-30
    Los Angeles, CA
    Ask a LOT of questions

    This description is from the email I received from Love Volunteer (LV): "We work with schools and orphanages in and around Ulaanbaatar. They're generally lacking resources and so support from volunteers is greatly appreciated. The work is varied but volunteers who are assisting in a school will work with local staff and one-on-one with students. As they settle in they can take their own lessons."

    The program was marketed incorrectly and NOT as described through our communications with Love Volunteer nor the coordinator.

    First of all, when I showed up in Mongolia, I was picked up by the director's daughter, which is fine, because he had told us that he was out of the country. However, when we were dropped off at our apartment, there was not further instruction and we had to figure it out on our own. The next day, a local high school kid, who apparently volunteers with this program, came to give us a city tour, and told us that school was not in session, because it was their spring break, something we were unaware of. So basically, the first week of my 4 weeks, was wasted.

    The 2nd week, I arrive at the school assigned with another volunteer to discover that we were volunteer at a private school, NOT an orphanage as expected. These were rich city kids and some of them even owned brand bags and iPhones.

    We got in touch with the LV coordinator and told her the situation. She immediately contacted the coordinator to understand what was going on. Apparently, she was also unaware of the situation. She was good about keeping in touch with us and ended up returning a portion of the cost back to us.

    We also met with the coordinator to understand why a non-profit was working with private schools and where is the orphanage as advertised? Basically, the orphanage camp is only ran during summer. Though he didn't explicitly say why, it seemed like he puts volunteers in private schools as a way to make some more money from volunteers. Also, only about 20% of the total cost goes to anything to help orphans. The rest is marketing, housing, and salary. NOT ok.

    I was really upset with how the whole thing turned out. I received a portion of the money back and left the program to find my own volunteer opportunity. I DO NOT recommend this program, though I do appreciate Love Volunteer's efforts in resolving the issue.

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  • Tracy
    Age: 19-24
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Zambia - The Real Africa

    I was very happy when I found Love Volunteers. Not only do they have programs all over the world, they are also economical! I took a bit of a risk when signing up to go to Zambia as there weren't any reviews of LV volunteers there. That being said, it was the best decision ever!

    I saw other programs available for Zambia at twice the price! I ran into some of the programs in Zambia and am glad I didn't end up signing up with them. With the local NGO LV partners with you get more of cultural experience and you live in the bush! Don't let that scare you thought, you still get a chalet with showers, toilets, nets, pillows and great cooks. Most importantly you get to know the locals, whether it be the locals whom you'll work alongside with or the locals whose house your building or the neighbours.

    The NGO also has an option for a Botswana Safari which is reasonably price considering you go to different parks, accommodations and transportation.

    If you want the real Africa, go to Zambia. If you want to truly contribute to the local community, volunteer with Love Volunteers. All the money you pay (except admin fee) goes to the local NGO, which in turns buys material for volunteers, hosts you, feeds you, and employs locals!

    I couldn't have hoped for a better experience. Thank you to the LV team, the NGO, and the local Zambians!

    How could this program be improved?

    A little more background on the local culture.

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  • Michael
    Age: 19-24
    Just go!

    To start, volunteering in Moldova is a true volunteering experience. Unlike some other programs, which seem to treat volunteering more like a component within a holiday package, the position here as an English teaching assistance will feel like a full-time job. That being said, the position and its responsibilities are not daunting. Svetlana, the program coordinator, does everything she could to make sure that volunteers feel comfortable with their assignments.

    In a way, too, by participating in this program, I feel like Moldova gave even more to me than I gave to its people. Both its land and its people preserve a beautiful soul that has almost been entirely forgotten by other parts of the world. Almost everyone I met there is extremely sincere and good-hearted. Spending time with these people, you will learn something about yourself too.

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    Response from Love Volunteers
    Hi Michael! Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed and inspirational review. We are sure that future volunteers considering joining us in Moldova will really appreciate this wonderful insight into volunteering on this project. We agree, Svetlana is such an amazing person and alongside the rest of her team, is having such a wonderfully positive impact within her community. We are thrilled to be working alongside her, and to have volunteers such as yourself on the Love Volunteers team. Thank you! :)
  • Kevin
    Age: 19-24
    Northern Arizona University
    Love Volunteers Cameroon

    My main complaint with Love Volunteers is that they are simply a middle man. They hooked me up with a local NGO, which was great because I would have never found that NGO by myself. The problem is, for the two months I spent in Cameroon I paid Love volunteers upwards of 800$ in total. If you go directly to the NGO's website, it would have cost me 200$. Im pissed that I payed 600$ extra for basically nothing. They are making a massive profit off every good-hearted volunteer trying to make a difference in the world. Not sure I would give the local NGO a five star review either, but it was a good experience & I was well cared for the entire time I was in Africa.

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