We take our mission to heart, which means we get out and GO!

The Best Work Perk

On the GO Site Visits

As a team of travelers ourselves, the biggest work perk we could get is the chance to continue exploring the world and connecting with others along the way... and we do! Every year after our 1st work anniversary, Go Overseas offers each full time salaried team member the opportunity to travel, in order to get to know the programs we host and the travelers who go on them.

Established in 2019, our annual site visits help further our mission and allow us to actually live it by connecting with other people who have chosen perspective-changing travel. The travel norm we envision for the world, and live out through these trips, is full of real cultural exchange.

Go Overseas goes overseas

The Manifesto

Many companies, specifically ones founded in the Bay Area like Go Overseas, are all about "company perks". Kombucha on tap, in-house laundry, you name it. Usually the perks are to keep you at the office working longer hours, or to make it hard to ever leave the company because it's just so comfortable. But at Go Overseas, the best company perk is kind of the opposite. Our On the GO Site Visits are all about getting us out of our home offices, out of our comfort zones, and out there in the world to live our mission!

Every year, each employee gets to go on a week-long program (found on Go Overseas, of course). Go Overseas provides a flight stipend and travel insurance, while our program provider partners host us. Being an avid and passionate traveler is an unstated prerequisite for working at Go Overseas, so you can imagine this perk is regarded as the "best perk, ever". And it truly is! You get to travel, immerse yourself in a new culture, expand your horizons, meet the providers we work with directly day in and day out, meet other travelers, and understand what our users want and need from us. Being on the ground alongside our users and providers makes us better employees, and learning about a new culture makes us better people. The programs on our website and the people who do them come to life, and we get to connect with other humans, which is what we're all about.

It's easy to get caught up in technology, especially when you work on a website. But we do what we do at Go Overseas in order to empower in-person human connection, and inspire people to choose the kind of travel that allows you to fully immerse yourself, meet others, and change (or at least broaden) your perspective. The world is so much bigger than the little bubble you live in, and getting out of that bubble is the best way to remind yourself of that.

So with that in mind, we see each On the GO Site Visit as a new opportunity to bring us empathy and understanding through travel. Each year, we sit down and (literally) map out where each of us will be going. We will get on planes, trains, buses, maybe even boats, and make our way to far and remote corners of the world. We plan on eating local cuisine (unless it's Durian), talking to locals and other travelers alike, and making new connections no matter which destinations we choose. Our travel resolution this year, and every year, is our mission: to educate, inspire, and empower our community to pursue perspective-changing travel.

Maybe we’ll see you on the go this year too?

Team Go Overseas